Thursday, December 31, 2009

last chance...

today is the last day of the end of the year sale & the last day to get a hoodie!!! take advantage before the year is over...or i wake up tomorrow- whichever happens first!

Monday, December 28, 2009

While bikes seem good, in theory they're kinda tricky.

Sure- the bike lanes keep you out of traffic, but it also puts you square in the dooring lane. Not to mention the dive bombing cabs, delivery trucks, plus the *holier than thou* Mercedes driver parking in it "really quick" to get his dry cleaning.

My approach to bike lanes is to ride almost on the left white line.

Sure, I'm closer to traffic, but I feel drivers have to see you while the person opening their door doesn't ever see you coming.

I'm constantly scanning the parked cars. I'm looking for a head in the car- movement of any kind. If there is a person in there, there's a pretty good chance they are going to get out. I'm also looking for brake & reverse lights as an indicator. People are getting ready to pull out of their parking spot.

These are just a few tricks I've found.

I'm interested in seeing if anyone has any other ways of dealing with bike lanes and the streets in general.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! We are, so we thought "Let's share our happiness!" we decided to have another sale and drop prices one last time before the end of the year!

All t-shirts only $15.00!!! No limit...take advantage while you can!

-Your friends @ One Less Car

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanks to everyone who took part in our 12 Days of Christmas sale!

This week in reviews, Cole takes a last look at Breezer's Finesse...The Breezer Finesse has been sent back and now its time for a final look at this bike. To me, this bike is a high-end commuter. This bike looks nice and rides even better. Read more...

I got a nice care package from our friends at Peace Coffee- They sent along a lb. of their Snow shoe Brew, a rad shirt, and a pretty rad pair of socks- I'll tell you more about that next week...with pics! (my batteries dead right bad.)

But that will give all of you coffee lovers something to look forward to next week!

Til then- Stay warm and have a merry Christmas, a happy Kwanzaa, a happy Hanukkah, a wonderful Festivus...all that!

Cole & Brandon

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rule #3 is one I feel most people know, but to be honest, I see a lot of bad situations that could be avoided by this one rule: Never pass on the right...ever!

The basic theory is this: At a stop light there is a pretty good chance that a ca

r is in the right lane to turn right, and will do so without looking to see if there is bicyclist along side of them- and in doing so performs what is referred to as the right hook.

Now there are a lot more situations were this applies. Let's say a car is stopped as you approach. If you pass on the right they could be letting out a passenger, and if so, you're getting doored!

photo courtesy of buff

Passing on the left works because most likely the driver is not going to stop in the road and leave their vehicle sitting there- unmanned... although people in the city are pretty nuts.

With taxies this is especially important! They have a sign inside cabs that says: people exit on curb side of car. So if you see a taxi, stop. There's a pretty good chance there's going to be some getting in or out on the right hand side of the car.

The biggest risk with passing on right is oncoming traffic, but you do (most of you...) always have brakes, and if it means you have to stop and wait for traffic to clear, then go around! It's better than spending the day and $10,000 in the emergency room.

I know it seems to go against what your body is saying is safe out there, but it really is the safer ways to do things.

Stay safe out there!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's in the mail!

Really- it is!

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who helped make our first 12 Days of Christmas Super Sale a success!!!

All orders have been shipped, and if you haven't received it yet you will very soon!

So a big thanks to all of you and everyone else, and we hope you have a Happy/Merry Festivus/Hanukkah/Christmas/Feliz Navidad/(Insert your religious preference's holiday here)!!!

We've got a bunch of rad things in the works for 2010- but we'll be back before then! Stay tuned...

Cole & Brandon
One Less Car |

Monday, December 14, 2009

That's right-
We've decided to let everyone (that means YOU!!!) in on our Last Day of Christmas Sale!!!

Today only, all shirts are only... wait for it...

...wait for it...

ONLY $10!!!

You pick the shirt(s) you want, as many as you want, for $10 each.

It's that simple!!!

Go here to access the page- it will be gone in 24 hours!!!

Thanks and happy holidays!!!

Cole & Brandon-
One Less Car

Just a reminder- if you want your goods to arrive by Christmas, you must place your order no later than December 15th!!! Any later and we can't guarantee it will arrive on time, but we'll do our best!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I decided screw it- today we're offering everyone the holiday deal of the day:

today's deal: buy any shirt, and get the classic olc logo t-shirt for only $5.
but only until midnightish (12:00 AM EST friday)...

if you want in on any of the rest sign up for our newsletter our follow either of us on twitter...

and cole reviewed a book this week:

Travels with Willie- read about it here...

see ya soon!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Rule #2

Be realistic.

The reality of riding in city traffic is that its your life you're playing with.

Those cars are big and the driver is always going to win.

If they hit you, you're the one who is coming out on the losing end- they're going to kill you in air conditioned comfort...

So it's your responsibility to take care of yourself!

Ride within your limits! We have all seen the videos of messengers riding like idiots in traffic, but here's the reality- that's what they do. I'm sure most of them don't know the best way to set up a computer server or even build a webpage, but they all ride everyday for hours in traffic and most of us don't.

Being a pedi-cabber in the city, I ride in a lot of traffic. When I first moved here I watched all the videos and thought it would be cool to ride like that for bit. I had way too many close calls and realized it wasn't worth it.

There is nothing wrong with stopping at a stop light or having front and/or rear brakes!

Sure, you may not look as cool as the guys on the videos, but I bet you'll live a lot longer!


As always, we welcome your comments, tips, and experiences! And comments- said that already. my bad.


Today marks the halfway point of our 12 days of Christmas sale!!! Follow us on twitter or sign up for the newsletter for the daily update! We haven't done deals like this since... well- i don't know- I don't think we've ever had deals this good- maybe once or twice, but RARE!!!

If there's a shirt you've wanted, but never had the cash, we're letting some go so low I feel like a used car salesman talking about it!!!


And the contest is still open to do a guest review of an Axiom Phoenix rear rack that you get to keep!!! you just have to do 2 things:
  1. follow us on twitter and post the following message: RT i want to guest review an Axiom rack for #1lesscar
  2. email and tell him why you should win! that's it-
I haven't received an official deadline to enter, but i know it'll be over by the end of the month if not before, so if you want a shot at it ya better get on it...

See ya wednesday!


Sunday, December 06, 2009

post 200... word! going strong, and we’re gonna keep going stronger next year!

right now we're in the middle of day4/9 (i'm counting down...)- want in? sign up for the mailing list pr follow us on twitter (look left!)

have a rad weekend!


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's Wednesday again and we're back with a couple of bike reviews! Keeping it a family affair, Cole's mom reviews the Day 6 Dream and his brother Jeff reviews Sun's EZ-3 USX HD Trike!

And our 12 days of Christmas sale starts tonight at midnight (EST)! We'll be offering a different deal, counting down the next 12 days- we won't be blogging about it- you have to be subscribed to our mailing list to get the details each day!!! But it's gonna be good, promise!

Also, time is running out to get an OLC hoodie! Available in most designs, cozy, and affordable! Grab yours before it's too late!

This week's reviews:

Day 6 Dream

WOW, that's the first word that comes to my mind with my new Day 6 Dream bike. It has given me back the bike riding that I so love. Here is how I came about riding this great bike.

I had knee surgery in the Spring of this year and went through intense therapy for 4 weeks, 3 times a week. When I had completed the therapy my knee was still very sore, but my therapist's last words were "Don't let that knee lock up".

Sun EZ-3 USX HD Trike

People always stop to ask me how I steer this bike.

“Jedi mind powers”, I tell them.

They look at me quizzically, mumble something like “that's cool”, and move on more confused than when they originally saw me pedaling this monster of a bike.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I watched the fine movie Zombieland the other day and I had what I think is great idea for few blog posts.

The movie starts out with the main character Columbus talking about how he's survived as long as he has in a world full of zombies who want to eat him.

He explains that he lives by set of 32 very strict rules.

His rules were things like “the double tap”, which is if you shoot a zombie shoot it again just to make sure its really dead, and “always check the back seat”, because there just might be a zombie back there!

What does this have to do with bicycling you ask?

Well, I have been riding my bike and pedicab in Chicago everyday for 3 years now, and while I hear about people getting hurt everyday, I still haven't gotten hurt yet.

I realized its because I have certain rules I follow- just like Columbus in the movie, and these rules help keep me alive.

Let's face it- riding in the city isn't running from zombies, but it is life and death, right?

So, for the next few weeks I'll share some of my rules with you guys. I'm sure a lot of them you may know, but there may be some people out there just starting out and these could help.

I encourage you to comment with rules that you follow when riding!

Rule #1: Helmet.

I almost always wear my helmet. I know there are those of you who don't believe in them, or think they'll ruin your outfit, but the reality is they work.

I have always said “ if I die on my bike people will say I died doing something I loved".

But if I fall & get brain damage and end up in wheel chair with my friends taking me to bike shows because they knew I liked bikes- that would suck.

And if you wear a helmet, tighten up the chin strap and buckle it!

You already look lame because you have a helmet on, so you might as well go all the way, right?

And wear a real helmet. There are lots of companies out there making a wide selection of helmets, so you should be able to find something that you like.

Don't wear one of those old leather cycling helmets and think that it's going to help! I mean, come on! Really!?!

Bottom line: you don't get a ghost bike for brain damage.



Contest & 12 days of Christmas!!!

Someone out there needs a rack- a bike rack- a rear rack to be exact, made by the peoples @ Axiom! Just our way of saying thanks or your support!
To find out the details, follow Cole ( @1morebike ), myself (Brandon- @greezus ), or for a good time follow us both! We'll be posting the link there...

We've also decided to start our own "12 days of Christmas" and are going to be having all kinds of crazy sales- a new one each day! It's going to start in the next day or two to make sure everything gets to you in time for Christmas!

Not sure yet if we'll be sending out daily newsletters for this or not yet, but it'll be here and on twitter for sure, so come back daily for the latest greatest deal!

And don't forget about reviews on Wednesday!!!


Friday, November 20, 2009


Still can't figure out why when I type in the "title" field and hit the spacebar, whatever I typed turns Arabic of some sorts...frustrating.

We hope everyone got the newsletter- we thought we had it figured out and then received an error...we don't want you to get the same newsletter 3 times in a row, but we do want to make sure that you get it!

Reviews are back this week! Cole reviewed the new Champ jacket from Chrome, and I took a look at Dahon's Mu Xl Sport, and Bern's 8-track Winter helmet upgrade!

BUT...liking to take our time like we do, we didn't get the pictures ready. It got late- it IS late, but we've got a duty...

So tomorrow the reviews will have pictures and maybe some more good read the reviews, come back tomorrow to see the goods!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

so as usual, i waited until the last minute to pack for this excursion... i figured i'd spend the night at my grandma's- it's been awhile since i've stopped by, and while here (i'm there now), i'd usurp her interweebs and get some work done.

no such luck. no usurping is happening. she's got some crazy dual modem crap for her phone & pc that i've never seen, has problems with her connection half the time (charter!), and it figures that i can't even plug in.

so unfortunately, reviews will have to wait until tomorrow...

follow my trip on twitter ( @greezus )- i'm bringing the Dahon, and it's gonna be a great time!

and i left my desktop on one night only to return the next day with my google page translated...thanks kitty cats!!! i changed it back to english from spanish, but half the time when i'm posting- no matter where from, after i type it turns to arabic- hence the cramped title...gotta switch from this blogger mess soon!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yes it is- so at least I've got my days straight!

Stoked I'm going to Chicago to hang with Cole Thursday & get some business done!

I'm also stoked that a Dahon Mu XL Sport showed up at my doorstep monday! I'll tell you all about that tomorrow when Cole and I will be back with more reviews! But I will say I'm pretty excited to be taking a Dahon on the train, getting off at Union Station, and being able to ride to where I need to go without having to deal with boxes and other pains of bringing a bike along on a trip!

Our friends at Cyclelogical (banner to the right) just had one of their shirts picked up by Urban Outfitters and they're pretty stoked on that. I would be too! Congrats! Check them out if you haven't recently.

And I know you've already been checking out Stevil @ since it came out, right?

So stop back tomorrow for some reviews & we'll all get down with that!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Buy that special cyclist in your life something that they can use everyday, not to mention how good that bike will look...
Bates Crates!!! Hand-made porter crates, now made with dove-tail ends, these crates are not only beautiful, but nearly indestructible! Nothing to put together and no hardware required- just a porter rack to put it on! With two different models, you can't go wrong!!!

If you still haven't checked them out, you can see them here:

And don't forget- for a limited time we’ve got HOODIES to keep you warm & cozy all winter long!!! And we've still got all the usual shirts and stickers, & buttons and patches...

HOLIDAY ORDERING: To get everything to you in time, here’s the cut-off dates for orders: for Bates Crates, we must receive your order NO LATER than November 23rd!!! For all OLC orders we must receive your order NO LATER than December 15th!!!

I got something really rad from Bern the other day, and something on the way from Dahon and Peace Coffee- Tell you all about it next week!

Friday, November 06, 2009

I know- it's not even Thanksgiving yet, and here I am talking about Christmas...but when you're dealing with mail order, you've got to be ahead of the game!

Our good friends at Swift.Industries in Seattle have put together a couple of great gift packages this holiday season celebrating cycling, as well as visual and literary arts! Swift.Industries is presenting their first annual Gifted Collection!!!

Partnering with local Seattle artist Karl Addison (who's printing an exclusive run of custom illustrations on S.I's bags), along with some of our other good friends at Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac (who are throwing in a full year subscription!), Swift.Industries is offering a Pelican Porteur Gifted Package ($200.00) and a Roll Top Pannier Gifted Package ($275.00)

Supplies are LIMITED and are sure to go fast!!!

I know I'd be stoked as all get out if one of these packages was under our tree this long as my name was on it! Cole has a set of their panniers, and after seeing them in person (check out our review!) I can honestly say that these are top notch bags. I'd be proud and stoked to tour with them- not to mention confident!

For an interview with the illustrator, and to find out how to order your limited edition Gifted Package, please click here.


Thursday, November 05, 2009


Our friends at Bianchi sent us 12 of these bobbleheads! I'm sure you're all asking yourselves "How can I get one of those sweet Bianchi bobbleheads? I gotta have one!!!"

Well, we're divising a plan to offer up a few of these around Christmas, so check back soon to see how you can get one!

Your friends @ One Less Car

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Both displays are from Trek Store Columbus (Ohio!) and look great! Thanks Mimi! Click photos for full image and see just how much these crates can really hold!

Monday, November 02, 2009

justice...sort of.

so with 2 1/2 weeks left in chicago, i walk out to find both gold rims missing from my bike. the scene of the crime was milwaukee, north and damen right in front of the salon i've been working at and parking my bike in front of for the last 4 1/2 years. it is quite a bustling neighborhood between the hours of 5 and 9, so i was pretty taken aback that someone would actually have the balls to pull this off.

the next day i received an email response from the ad i placed on craigslist about a guy who sells deep vs, seems super shady and happened to place a set of gold velocity's the same night mine were stolen and gave me his name and number if i wanted to try to nab him. of course i couldn't find the ad and he denied ever posting it so i pretty much gave up hope that i would ever see them again.

next day i get another email from a kid who believes he bought my wheelset the day before for 100 bux. turns out he bought them from the same guy and we set up a time to pick them up from him. yay! (he didn't even bother to remove the blue tires. idiot.) i didn't think it was a good idea but we gave the kid 100 bux anyway since they are worth more than that not only monetarily but sentimentally as well.

i sent the kid a quick email the next day letting him know that i've decided to file a police report but later decided it isn't worth it. in the meantime, he calls and claims that justice was served, i got my rims back and that i should just drop it. that the thief ended up reimbursing him, so of course the only conclusion i can come to is that i've been totally duped by a couple of 20 year old punks and demand my money back or i am turning them both in.

they immediately offered my money back and i am assuming it's for me not go to the police because they know they fucked up. i have no idea if they are in on it together or not, i'm just glad it's worked out to my advantage. lessons learned..i guess..don't ride gold rims, don't put it past the fact that people are willing to make bold moves in very public places, always try to handle situations yourself first with investigative work because most likely a cop isn't going to get your property or your money back for you and watch out for a kid named luke s. selling bike parts on craigslist!

-kim k.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

from the - Dahon IOS may be the ultimate commuter bike -

check them out at!

as promised!

back today with my software/tool review:

Video Surgeon
I originally stumbled across this product through a couple different guitar newsletters I receive, and thought it would be a great product for cyclists as well- for races, instruction, training, tips, tricks- anything and everything!

Video Surgeon lets you do several things. For starters, it gives you the ability to download videos that are embedded into sites such as YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, and blogs from all over the interweb! You can also rip video from dvds and rip audio from video! Read more...

Remember awhile back- not that long ago when i was tellin' y'all 'bout the collab between SE Bikes and The Hundreds? well, they're at it again- this time hooking up with Crooks & castles to make this:

The 26" OM Flyer SE, only 300 made, super limited, with a MSRP of $750...SE also has another collab with DC.

And speakin' of crooks, someone stole derek's sister kim's gold Velocity wheels right in front of her workplace...lookout chicago!

I had to wait on my review this week for political reasons, but Cole came through and gives us his first impressions of Melon's Slice- a folder! We're stoked about that! Here's my dog Rowan chillin' with the Slice!

I always used to laugh at folding bikes, but with Amtrak screwing me on taking my full size bike when I vist my parents I thought a foliding bike would be the solution. Read more...

So there's monday's news, wednesday's reviews, and i'll be back with a software review (software!? -yeah-i said it.) in the next day or two. it's done, i just gotta wait.



Thursday, October 15, 2009

back as promised!

word! new reviews this week from Bellwether and SOG Knives. good stuff. i'm saving the news for tomorrow!!! come back & see some rad stuff going on in the bike world... til then- brandon

Bellwether Sleeveless Base Layer

Bellwether was kind enough to send along a couple products for us to check out. They sent us this shirt and a rain jacket- Brandon got everything, but sent this my way. He knew I was looking for a base layer to wear under my bibs, so he hooked me up with the sleeveless base layer. Read More...

SOG Field Pup Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath

I can't wait to take this on our next tour- I think it's going to be the perfect knife for any outdoor application. With a 4" fixed blade it's the right length to get just about any job done. Not to mention sharp as hell! Read More...

See you soon!!!

p.s. don't forget to follow one of us/both of us on twitter to find out about the super rad sticker deal!!! 1 of every sticker in stock for $5...can't beat it, but ya gotta follow us on twitter to find out the link!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


"Easy E, were ya eva caught slippin?"

wish I could say the same. it's the 13th- i totally put reviews up last week, but was up way late doing it and was going to post here the next day. tomorrow came and went...and went...and went, until today when i was all "HOLE-E-CRAP! ...and i realized that I GOT CAUGHT SLIPPIN'. straight slippin'. damn.

i was letting my personal life affect my business, and that ain't cool. short story, i got the boot from one of my bands (because I live 2 hrs. away), and it kinda screwed me up. i'll spare you the long version...but the procrastination-

for that, my apologies.

so let's get back to business, the way things should be. because we get the goods, and with the goods comes responsibilities. it's not only my duty, but my passion. I love OLC, where it came from to where it's at, it's philosophy and it's mission. I really believe in OLC. I really love bikes, and this is what it's all about.

**********special promo at the end**********

So, here's LAST week's reviews- we'll be back tomorrow

Tri-Flow Lubricants: Degreaser/Superior Lubricant/Grease

Tri-Flow sent Cole and I each a huge box of their products to test out- I decided I should show my mtb some love. It's been... umm...well? yeah- that long. It needed some attention- probably a complete overhaul, but for today, I just wanted to get the chain ring/chain/cogs cleaned and lubed, and I also wanted to switch out my pedals for a pair of Crank Bros. Eggbeaters I got on the cheap via Ebay. Read more...

Misfit Psycles ME2 Bars

These are the other handlebars that Misfit Psycles sent along (I previously reviewed the FU-2 bars)- I've been meaning to throw these on for awhile now and I took the advice on the package and threw these puppies on my mtb. Great advice- it's almost more like riding a big bmx bike now than a mtb- it's pretty rad- makes me jones to try out a 29"er!!! Read more...

So come back tomorrow & we'll be back with a couple more reviews, and some news too!

Cole is on his way back to MI to build some bates crates! If things work out right, we're gonna hook up & build crates together. I hope so. If you haven't seen 'em, check it out:!!! if they were liquid, i'd call 'em pimp juice, but they're wood...pimp box? damn. my pimp game is off! seriously though, they're top notch, hand made, wooden porter crates...and they've got cup holders to boot!!! hells yeah- cole really brought it with these crates. on the real. 100% pure class. Made from some of the finest materials out there with care and love. Ask your local dealer to stock them! Wholesale orders are available! Two models- The Original and The Model T...the latter made for Trek and fits their new Bellvue model!

Oh yeah- the new special...check it- 1 of every sticker we have in stock for $5 measly bucks. can't beat it! but where do i find this special? either follow me ( @greezus ) or cole ( @1morebike ) on twitter. the special will be posted there some time tomorrow, so if you're not following us already, or not even on twitter, now is the perfect time to start! It's only gonna be up a couple weeks, so take advantage while you can peoples, take advantage while you can! ...and we'll see you soon!

Friday, October 02, 2009

back as promised!!!

Back today with a couple reviews- this week we're bringing a couple everyday items to the table- first, a new pair of shades from Smith, and second, a really rad folding knife from without further a-do...

Smith Pivlock v90

Smith sent along a set of there new Pivlock v90s for us to check out. I was surprised of how big of a box they came in, but when I opened it I saw the way the glasses come- in a great case and being that the lenses are one piece the carry case needs to be on the larger side. Read more...

SOG Aegis

Maybe it's the left-over Boy Scout in me, but pocket knives are one of those things that you never really know how handy they are until you start carrying one. I swear I use mine all the time, and it's one of those things I feel naked if I'm without. Rare, but it happens.

I first got turned on to SOG by a good friend of mine. He ordered an assortment of pocket knives from various companies to sell in his shop, and SOG's Blink stood out from the crowd immediately. I fell in love and had to have it. I did a rad 4 color painting of shoes hanging from a power line on his kitchen windows that was actually a picture i took from the back door of his shop! Needless to say I got the knife upfront! It's a nice, small pocket knife that features SOG's patented Assisted Opening Technology- it's not a switchblade- it opens by pushing up on the thumb stud like most folders do today- but unlike most folders, once it's pushed up a little bit, the Assisted Opening Technology kicks in and the blade flies open. Super quick! Read more...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

we're back!

Sorry for the short hiatus- explanation: BATES CRATES! Bates Crates are hand-made porter crates for your bicycle. Very Smooth with tons of style.

Two Models- The Original and The Model T- The Model T was made specifically for the new Trek Echo! ...but it'll work on any bike with a porter rack too. It's just a tad smaller than The Original. Specs are on the site along with some fantastic photos from Shauna Bittle too!

I know we skipped reviews last week, and tonight I'm celebrating, and Cole is out working a double-header Cubs game and I hear it's pretty slow going tonight. So reviews will be up tomorrow- tonight I drink Tree Fort beer (Tree Fort Bikes + Ann Arbor Brewing Co.) & watch Dexter on dvd. Relax...

So til then, have a good night. I'll be back tomorrow.


PS- I'm taking the sale down tomorrow, so act fast if you want in on it!!

And Cole has the screen for the new shirt!

Friday, September 18, 2009

step 1. click on products (to your left!).
step 2. add shirts to cart while they're still on sale for $15.00!
step 3. save even more $$ by adding a bonus 'classic' shirt for only $10.
step 4. add stickers as desired.
step 5. check out.

Don't forget that orders over $30 get a free pack of Topeak's Flypaper!!! We've only got a handful left, so get it while we've got it!

And we've still got a couple grab bags left at a great price for those of you that can handle a surprise!!!

There's only a few days left to take advantage of the sale, so take advantage!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's almost 3AM my time- my tall boy of high life is down to the shwill...listening to johnny hobo and the freight trains on -screwed the day away and i've been plugging away at work tonight, writing, and editing, and so forth, and I think we've got some good stuff this week! Cole's reviewing bars from Origin 8, i've got a rad top tube velo-pocket from Hambone Designs, and as promised Cole's mom got a hold of the Dream from Day 6 and has something to say about here we go- see ya soon! brandon or @greezus on twitter (hint!) and cole is @1morebike (hint!).

Oh yeah- the sale is still up until next week. We got busy, so here's an extra shot at making out on some stuff while it's on sale! and don't forget about the FREE Topeak flypaper! look to the left for more details...i'm gonna be upset if there's nothing on the left about it...if not, scroll down, but i think i'm good on that...i hope.

Origin 8 Pro Lite 2 Carbon Ergo Road bars

Origin 8 sent me set of their carbon bars to test out and I was totally stoked on it. I have an older Trek 1500 that I totally like and am in the process of making lighter and faster, plus its an aluminum frame, so adding some carbon will help with the stiff ride.

The bars are pretty nice- they come in 3 widths so what ever your shoulders are they've got you covered. My shoulders are pretty wide, so I went with 42 mm. I mounted the bars with excitement and went out for a ride. Read More...

Hambone Designs Top Tube Velo-Pocket

Hambone Designs sent me a black leather, Top Tube Velo-Pocket, and it's way rad. It's basically an envelope more or less. It's got two straps for the top tube and one more that attaches to the down tube. Then a large flap that folds over the top tube and snaps the whole thing shut. It's a really great idea that works really well.

Hambone makes them in all flavors including animal friendly materials. Personally, I like my rock to roll until it crumbles apart and my leather real...and black, so I was stoked to get this in the mail- just my style! I've been using it to keep a couple wrenches, a small Crank Bros. pump and multi-tool, and a pack of Topeak's Fly Paper. Can't forget the tire levers either- pretty much everything to fix a flat if needed, along with anything else that I don't want in my pockets...keeping them bulk-free while I ride. Read more...

and we take one last look at Day 6's Dream -21spd comfort bike

-stop back soon! lots of good stuff happening!!! unfortunately we can't make it to Ibike this year- sorry Vegas. hopefully next year, but in the meantime cole and I are hoping to do another 3-4 day tour next month- we've both got some great stuff to take out on the road and can't wait to test!!!

and if all goes as planned i'm gonna try my hand at cyclocross saturday!!!



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First- damn! This bike is soooo dope!!!! The shirts are pretty rad too- I've been a fan of The Hundreds for quite a few years now. Man...only 300 & hand numbered...that's so rad- and at a great price! About $650. Usually rad + limited doesn't = cheap! What an opportunity.

I've had a few good opportunities come my way lately & haven't been able to take advantage. September just hasn't been my month- I swear. I'm too nice- I wish I was a thug & I'd be first on the list!!! But's not my style. Plus I'm not buff enough. Although years back when I had a lot of facial piercings & worked at the local grocery store a little girl in a dress walked around the corner, saw me, and ran back around- I kept walking that way to find a puddle of pee on the floor! Good times.

Seriously though- I bet they'll sell out quick as all hell. It's so smooth! I haven't danced and sang Michael Jackson at the same time since the early 80's, and I never dug the "it's black/it's white" tune, but for some reason this bike makes me wanna sing it loud while riding it down the street- maybe even do a little dance at the first stop sign! Hands down, one of the coolest PK Looptails ever. No doubt.

Looks like the perfect bike for killin' everything in the streets and hitting the back yard dirt jumps in between- in total styyyyyyle! Visit for more info!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear City of Chicago-

Please pull your head out of your ass and take control of what's going on in the pedicab world.

Last night I tried to work the U2 concert in Solider Field. We were chased out, threatened with arrest, and generally treated like total shit by a police officer who is so obviously drunk on the job its ridiculous.

We also have been fighting a war that the city needs to be fighting. They won't listen to us. Someone is going to get hurt and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

There are companies and independent riders pouring into this city and into the public to offer rides on bikes in that are in terrible shape, with no insurance, permits, or business licenses, not paying ground transportation tax...the list just keeps going on.

Oh- but wait! The city does want to regulate us. They want to take away our ad space and require us to carry workman's comp on each rider. Basically they want to cut our income in half and double our cost. Mayor Daley says he wants this to be the most bike friendly city in the United States, yet they won't even help those of us trying to provide alternative transportation to the fine citizens of Chicago.


Come back tomorrow for a peek at a sweet bike collaboration between SE Bikes & L.A's The Hundreds!!! looks like so much fun!!!


Friday, September 11, 2009


im really into my twitter right now, i mean im no lance Armstrong but still. seriously i do update it more then anything else.



Wednesday, September 09, 2009

it's my lucky day!

at least that's what my fortune said from my fortune cookie this past sunday- three days from now will be your lucky day. let's see...i climbed a ladder next to a pair tree on our farm. as soon as i was down, a pear fell from the tree and hit me on the head- hard. I'm seriously starting to think about full time head protection. but i did get a package of cd's from crafty records today to review for my music site, -my host got attacked and my site with it, so i'm in the middle of rebuilding and just the blog in it's sorry state is up- but that will all change soon.

but you came here to read about bikes, not about my good- or bad fortune. so cole is in michigan this week- he even came to visit yesterday. his mom now has day 6's 21 spd dream comfort bike to test out, so we'll have her opinion before too long. she had knee surgery not too long ago and needed something with a low step-thru. the dream is perfect, and so far she loves it.

i also had a yard sale the last four days, and haven't been able to get much done in any other areas, but luckily cole came through for us this week with a review of:

The Cross Canada Project DVD

Mike Beauchamp is a really likeable guy. Being a bike tourer, people always ask about my trip when I get back. I always wish I could video tape and show them the highlights just so they could see what you go through. Well, Mike did just that. He decided to ride his bike across Canada a videotape it. Read More...

That's it for tonight. I'll have my life somewhat back together in time for next week's reviews, but check back before then...lots of exciting bike news has been coming our way...we've got news from bianchi, a super limited collab between SE & LA clothing company the hundreds...stay tuned!!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

helping out

I sat down with Evan from Boneshaker Almanac awhile ago as he came through Chicago. He gave me a copy of the newest issue of the Boneshaker Almanac (BA 42-300), and as I was reading I was happy to see he did and interview with Swift.Industries- I did a review of a set of there panniers awhile ago. Reading the interview I was pleased to see we got a mention!

"...The first set of panniers went out in March 2008. Shortly thereafter, One Less Car, based in Chicago, ran a review of their panniers. ...Since then, Swift has been getting an order once or twice a week..."

Its cool to know that we are doing what we planned- helping people discover great products with our reviews!

Friday, September 04, 2009

this week's reviews

alright- it's all me this me this week- i reviewed the front Aerospoke track wheel of the set (I explain in the review), and take another look at Day 6's Dream- 21spd comfort bike!

cole and i have been talking and we're going to be updating this thing at least three times a week, so stop back soon...


Aerospoke Track Wheel -front

I've been wanting to test a set of these for awhile now, and it's my lucky month!

Michigan is the birthplace of One Less Car. The MC5 were from Michigan too. Iggy...a bunch of things that I think we can all agree rock. Col. Potter from MASH was born here was I- so was Cole, and Derek too. The list goes on & on...Michigan is a special place. Is it just a coincidence Aerospokes are made in Michigan? I don't think so, but that's another story altogether.

If you've been following our blog, you probably know that the lock ring wrench (that will go unnamed) I borrowed didn't hold up long enough to unscrew my lock ring, forcing a spoke to go into my finger, and also making me a dick- sometimes I don't have the best of luck... I don't know why I've been waiting until I could put them both on to start checking them out- the least I could do is rock the front wheel- and rock it I have been! Read more...

Day 6 Dream 21spd comfort bike

So I've had some more time to spend riding the Dream around, and it's been a great time. Its just a totally different feeling sitting up and being able to sit comfortable! I can't deny that! I got stopped twice today complimenting my bike! That's always a good feeling! It's a fun time to ride, and can go pretty much anywhere. I wouldn't go completely off road with it, but it handles fine on trails too. Like I said the first time, it's still more difficult to climb REALLY big hills- but it can be done! I think this bike would be great for anyone living in a moderately level area with small-medium sized hills. Read more...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hi- I'm Brandon, One Less Car's resident web guy, part-time product tester & review writer, button presser, and on rare occasions when I'm in the great city of Chicago at OLC's HQ I help get orders sorted, packed, & ready to go to the post office...I've even printed a couple of orders here & there!

The first bike I fell in love with was a used, blue Schwinn Stingray in near mint condition my grandma got me at the age of four or five. It will be 30 years ago next June that I got that Schwinn, and there's been a whole slew of bikes in between, but I've kept on riding and haven't looked back since.

What ever happened to that first bike beats the hell out of me. For some reason, sometimes bikes just seem to come & go...I think my dad sold that one. Some of them I rode into the ground- mainly the Huffys! Others were sold to upgrade, and there's always the one that got ripped off- my hot pink, GT Pro Performer...that bike was hot. I still miss that bike. Truth be told, I would've sold it by now to upgrade, even though now I wish I had it back.

I remember the bikes I've had better than the automobiles that I've had- my memory sure isn't what it used to be, and while I can recall either bicycle or auto fairly easily (and there's been several of both!), it's the bikes that have the best memories for the most part.

Primarily I use bicycles for pleasure. I use them to clear my head, to feel good, and to get rad when i can! I use them to get from point A to point B, usually making my own points in between, seeing things I'd miss if I were traveling in an automobile. If something in the distance catches my eye, I usually ride there and check it out- guaranteed to if I'm out riding alone- which is usually the case due to my current residence...but that's all good. riding solo offers a lot of solitude- something that's hard to come by in times like these! But when it comes down to it, there's nothing like a ride with a good friend or two...or ten! And why stop there?

I've also used a bike to tour with too- you might not go as far as you wanted- or maybe you will! But I bet you'll have more fun than if you were speeding along in a car- anyone can ride a bike 50-60 miles a day...guaranteed. Seriously- if I can do it, you can do it!

If I didn't work from home, I'd ride my bike to work. I used to ride my bike to work when I could before I started to work from home. Some days I'll go for a ride just to say I rode to work today, even though I'm just coming work! And I feel lucky- because part of my "work" is being a part of One Less Car.

I live in a land full of long, steep inclines, surrounded by woods everywhere...and in those woods are trails. Sometimes there isn't a trail and I have to blaze my own...climbing over fallen trees of yesteryear, skidding through the base layer of a few years worth of fallen leaves, slowly getting over rocks & boulders in my path.

I also live in a land full of lakes. Lake Michigan is a couple miles downhill and a small, crystal clear lake (Crystal Lake) is a little less than a mile downhill the other way...did I mention I kinda live on a hilltop of sorts? Home is ALWAYS uphill!!!

So I live in Michigan...and we get all four seasons in full effect! Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter- we get it all. Sunshine, rain, winds, hail, snow, and everything in between...and I ride through it all! Fenders are a gift from the gods!!!

Then there's the rails to trails program where abandoned rail lines have been turned into bicycle trails! While these trails are usually paved or aggregate, they also have a ton of really cool, often wooden bridges! Being a train lover my mind sometimes turns to train mode, and I magically turn into an old Ann Arbor steam locomotive- my bell turning into the loco's whistle screaming into the air.

Living where I do with all of it's obstacles, you can imagine that I have a couple different bikes that I primarily use- if I'm just cruising around town, i love riding my Traitor PBR Ringleader- fixed (which also happens to be the first brand new bike that I've had since before my teens!). If I'm in the woods, it's on my 10+ year old Specialized (that's seen it's better days...) that I dropped down to 7 speeds and although it's old, I can still get aggro on it!

The Specialized is getting close to retirement- a new bike to ride in the woods sounds like it's definitely in order! I'm also looking for a good road bike to fly around these ungodly hills up here that I could also use for long distance touring (or either/or/both...I've come to find that you can never have too many bikes!!! (Here that company reps reading!?)

Recently I acquired a few vintage bikes that I want to restore- a couple Bianchi folders and a Stingray rip-off, as well as a more recent bmx bike that I'm looking forward to building a dirt jump or two on the farm and getting rad on soon as I get some brakes for it!

That about sums it up for me- for now anyways!

Who are you, and how do you ride your bike?

-Reviews will be up tomorrow- ran outta sunshine for pics. ya gotta have good pics. reviews just aren't as fun without the pics...

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you tomorrow!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Either way, t-shirts are on sale!!! That's right- only $15.00 each!!! Not sure how long it's gonna last- Cole and I were thinking through the upcoming holiday, so that gives you a week!

While you're deciding on what shirts & stuff to get, you might notice that I made a new catalog to make shopping with us a little easier!

Also, the next 20 people that place an order of $30 or more will receive a free pack of Topeak's Flypaper- it's their glueless patch kit that includes 6 patches in a nice & small plastic carrying case! For more info on Topeak's flypaper, check out our reviews...

Thanks for sticking with us! Check back in a couple days for this week's reviews!

See you soon!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

...and the winner of the Bianchi San Jose Pro is (insert drum roll here) Rob Milton from London England. Rob actually got really lucky- We forgot to put "only open to residents of the US" (due to shipping costs) on the page- But fair is fair, so as soon as we can, we'll be shipping it off to him congrats to Rob and thanks to everyone that entered!

We have more good stuff happening in the weeks and months ahead!!!

So review wise this week, I was planning on reviewing the Aerospoke wheels this week- Derek was in town from chicago and brought a lock ring wrench with him...and I stripped it on the first try- also inserting a spoke into my about torque! I've been using Sportique's Road Rash Remedy on it- similar to Neosporin, but way better- so if we didn't review that particular Sportique product in the past, it comes in a little tube small enough to carry around and works wonders on cuts/scrapes/burns...check it out.

Cole reviews Bianchi's San Jose Pro one last time before sending it off, and I got a nice package from Profile Design/Bellwether the other day, so this week I'm reviewing Bellwether's Screaming Meemie Rain Jacket.

We're going to try and update the blog more than once a week, and if you haven't noticed we've got our facebook link up and for a good time Cole and I both have our twitter links up- follow either or hell- both of us! and then we still have that myspace that we probably need to check more frequently, and the flikr widget on the left over there is for you to show show 'em whatchya gots!

So here's the reviews for the week, and we'll be back soon!

Bianchi San Jose Pro

Bianchi was very kind to send us a San Jose Pro to review. From the very first ride I knew this was a great bike to ride around the city. While this bike is a cross bike set up to go racing it really works well in the city.

The first thing you will notice is the smooth as butter ride, between the carbon fork, carbon seat post and steel frame. This bike is built to take the abuse of cyclecross, so it’s well suited for the “streets” of Chicago. The rims are burly enough to take the potholes and railroad tracks, and with the cyclocross geometry the occasional bunny hop is not out of the question. Read More...

Bellwether Screamin' Meemie Rain Jacket

I got this baby just in time- the very next day a storm came through and it rained all day- perfect time for a ride to test this out!
The Screaming Meemie is a well built, translucent, polyurethane rain jacket. Zip front with a hidden zipper, elastic waist and cuffs, a mock neck, and a beefy drop tail in the back- plenty long enough to keep your tail dry! Read More...

Monday, August 24, 2009

the chainlink

iwas browsing chicago's chainlink and came across this.

i only have so much time a day to internet


Saturday, August 22, 2009

If you're a regular reader/follower of our blog, awhile back you may
have seen a few posts about porter crates that I built for my bike. I
built those few and blogged about them thinking someone might be
interested in maybe buying one, but it was more about building
something for me. So awhile ago I got an email from Trek (yes- the
largest bike manufacturer in the world- THAT Trek) and they said they
were making a bike for 2010 and thought one of my crates would look
great on the front and wondered if I could build them a couple. After
a bit of celebration, I got to work. I built two crates for them and
sent them off.

A few months passed and I heard nothing. Then out of the blue I got an
email saying they used my crates for the catalog and that they’re on
the cover! I’m still in shock I can't believe it- I got the catalog,
and sure crates are all over Trek's catalog!!!

So I have a new business. I'm working on the site and looking into
what I need to make this work. Keep in touch with the blog and if
you're interested in getting a crate you can always email me ( cole at
1lesscar dot com ) and we can talk about it.


Friday, August 21, 2009

and the winner is...

sorry to the people that have been wondering about the contest- yes- it is over and a winner has been picked- however, cole is out of town at the moment, and i'm waiting on the word to post the winner...but the winner has been picked and notified, so you know who you are!!! we'll let everyone know soon who it is, but i have to keep it a secret this week. thanks for entering, and congrats to the winner who again, will be posted shortly!!!

there were also no reviews this week, but a pair of Aerospoke wheels showed up- I wanted to review them this week, but i don't have a lockring wrench and can't get access to one until this upcoming weekend, so hopefully next week.

we also got a huge box of stuff from the folks at tri-flow lubricants, so we'll be talking a lot about those in the weeks to come!

again, thanks for entering the contest and thanks for reading! check back next week for the reviews... we've also got a folding bike coming from Dahon, and a few more surprises up our sleeves!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

review time!

so cole's still on the train to portland, and i'm back with reviews as promised! don't forget- there's only 2 days left to enter to win the Bianchi San Jose Pro!!!

first up is the Dream 21, a semi-recumbent from Day 6 Comfort Bicycles and Derek reviews some rad new tires from Fyxation. I also got my wheels from Aerospoke- straight from the paint shop and they're soooo HOTT!!! i'm getting a cog this weekend & slapping some tires on, so hopefully those will be up next week!

without further a do...

Day 6 Comfort Bicycles: Dream 21 Semi-Recumbent Bicycle

I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting things to review, and one day I came across Day 6- after a few emails and a phone call, we decided that the Dream would be the bike for me to test.

Day 6 makes two versions of their semi-recumbent bike- a 7 speed with an internal hub (Journey), and the Dream 21 speed. Optional components include backrest, fenders, and a rear rack. They were kind enough to send everything but the fenders!

Fyxation Session 700 tires

The guys at Fyxation sent us some of the session 700 tires to test out and I gave them to Derek to test being that he rides his bike into the ground every time he goes out. He put the tires on and a few hours later I got this text: Read More...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


cole is on amtrak on his way to portland- i told him to take the day off- don't worry about nothin'- i'll take care of it! well, i took the day off too. everybody needs a day off here & there, right?

come back tomorrow for reviews & more!
see ya then- brandon

Friday, August 07, 2009

so i found this today!

On the item that Detroit radio station WCSX had an anti-bike segment on one
of their shows, it is true. It was on the morning of August 5 on the
Deminski and Doyle "show". My favorite is how they are encouraging people to
"Lob something at their (bicyclists) heads".

The "show" can be downloaded at You
can also go to the WCSX webpage and try the podcast link at and look for the bicyclists item.

FYI - I am forwarding this to the League of Michigan Bicyclists and League
of American Bicyclists.

Bob Krzewinski
Washtenaw Bicycling and Walking Coalition

PS - If you want to email WCSX management, use theboss@wcsx. If you want to
call them, try 248-398-9470.

To copy in their radio chain top management, email
WCSX likes for people think they are a local "family" station, but they part
of a chain owned by Greater Media Inc. out of Massachusetts. The corporate
number is 781-348-8600.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

what a week!

This weekend The Fixed Gear Gallery is hosting their 4th Symposium in Traverse City, MI- I'm going to try and hit it up and possibly volunteer if i'm not too late. we’re not going to have a booth there this year...sorry! but if you see me, come & say hi, ask me for never know what goodies i might have on me! that actually starts today and goes through sunday...

This week in reviews we've got some gloves from Spenco and a BAD ASS knife from Gerber...hmmm... I also just got a comfort bike from Day 6 Bicycles the other day and I'll tell you about that next week...we also got a ton of product from Tri-Flow, so you'll be hearing about that too... and i just wanna mention that all of my darn tough socks are dirty and my feet don't feel right without 'em. check those guys out- the padded sole is to die for...all day comfort- i'm tellin' ya!!! I'd be a grumpy dick if I hadn't discovered these...We've also got a pair of Aerospoke wheels on the way...oh boy!!! i know there's more i'm forgetting... it's just an exciting week!!! oh- I also fixed the Cycleogical Chopspokes review too! sorry about that. Thanks to those of you that wrote in!!!

Oh yeah- time is running out to enter the contest to win the Bianchi San Jose Pro...all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter!!!

Spenco MTB Series Heat Wave 2.0 Cycling Gloves
For some reason I've never been a big fan of fingerless gloves. Well, that's not entirely true- I did go through a serious metal phase around 12-13 & i thought fingerless gloves with spikes were the sweetest thing EVER. So I was pretty stoked when these came Cole's way, being gloveless, and he was swimming in gloves at the moment and hooked me up- and right in time for our tour! So with the Heat Wave 2.0's on, I was ready to go in all of my full fingered happiness. Read more...

Gerber LMF 2 Knife
So what does a big ass survival knife have to do with bikes? I'm sure some of you picture a guy riding in traffic wielding a huge knife and threatening all the cars, but its not about that.

Having a good knife on a tour is very important. I wanted a knife I know can do the job- wether its splitting wood, or striking a magnesium stick to start a fire, or stir noodles over the stove as on the last tour... Read more...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

is this the end?

to all of our loyal customers,

Most of you know One Less Car is a small business. It was started with
$300 dollars I borrowed from my brother and a lot of hard work and
help from some truly good friends.

Things have gotten pretty tough in the last year. I don’t know if it's
the economy or the other 10 companies making shirts, or maybe our
shirts are just lame- I don't know. Over the last few months I have
been financing the business with money from pedicabbing and Brandon
has been doing our website for free. We can't keep operating like
this- its not fair to myself or Brandon (I don't mind -B!), so some
changes have to made.

On the upside, our traffic is as high as ever and more and more
companies are sending stuff for us to review. So what might happen is
One Less Car will just become a blog with product reviews and stories
about bikes and the people who ride them.

It's not over yet! We are still fighting!!! I love this company (me
too! -B)- I have put so much myself into it. I owe it one last go, so
stay tuned and see what we come up with...who knows- things just might
turn around!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hey all-

check it- this week we've got a fresh handlebar bag from our friends at Banjo Brothers and a sweet little cycling computer from our friends at Topeak!

also, don't forget to enter to win the Bianchi San Jose Pro!!! all you have to do is sign up for the One Less Car newsletter via the site...a simple two step process could get you a $1000 Bianchi! Not to mention you'll be the first to know what's happening & what's going on with us...subscribers get all the bennies!

so here's a sample of the reviews- click the READ MORE links to read more!

Banjo Brothers 01067 handlebar bag

If you are a regular follower of our reviews you my have read the review about the Banjo Brothers back pack and how much of fans we are of Banjo Brothers. They really are a great company that makes smart, well thought out, quailty stuff.

I was heading out on tour and need a handle bar bag, so I asked Banjo Brothers, and they weremore then happy to send one for me to test out. I belive the 01067 is the flagship model of the handle bar bags. They offer a few different models, but this seems to be at the top. READ MORE...

Topeak Panoram V10 Wireless Cycling Computer

Topeak's Panaram V10 cycling computer is pretty rad- 10 functions in all, the V10 takes care of al the necessities. Personally, I think it only has 9 functions, but if you wanna throw in the low battery indicator as a "function", then it's 10. But actually, it is a pretty nice feature- the V10 is fully programable, so when it comes time to switch batteries, you can write down your stats and plug them back in- and you'll know when to do so ahead of time! So I'm counting the low battery indicator. I said it takes care of all of the necessities and I guess it really does! READ MORE...

and we've got a bike coming from the folks at Day 6 Bicycles, wheels from Aerospoke, and more on the way! Stay tuned...follow the blog!


Thursday, July 23, 2009 time!

this week Cole gives us an update on the Yuba Mundo Utility Bike, Yuba's Go Getter Pannier, and Wald's 157 giant delivery basket. and i review Profile Design's E Pack, and updated my review of Arkel's Utility Basket Pannier!

also, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter for your chance to win a Bianchi! the winner will be announced August 15th! If you're already signed up for our newsletter, you're already entered!!!


Profile Design's E Pack

Cole has one of these and he let me use it on our mini-tour, and it would've been a pain in the ass without it- and actually, ever since we got back, it has been a little bit of a pain in the ass without one! Read more...

Yuba Mundo

I've had a lot more time with the Mundo now and have had a few other people take it out for spin, and feel I gave it a good test and here is what I have found out.

First, its amazing how many things you'll use this bike for. I'm sure when you're thinking of buying one you will ask yourself "how much will I really use it?". Well I'm here to say a lot! Read More...

Yuba Go Getter Pannier

Along with the Mundo I received a go-getter pannier. This pannier is designed for the Mundo, but the site says it could be used with other long tails. The pannier is easy enough to attach- you just clip four straps around the tube of the rack and you're ready to go. Read more...

Wald 157 giant delivery basket

I talked to Wald about sending a basket our way- they said sure and asked what we were thinking- my exact words were “the bigger the better”.

I was thinking I could use it to take orders to the post office and what not. The idea was to put it on my fixed gear- a run around the city bike. This basket showed up and when they say giant they’re not kidding. I could carry an eighth grader in this thing.

Arkel OD Utility Basket Pannier UPDATE!

I was talking with Arkel before our mini-tour, and they were going to send a nice set of rear waterproof panniers- only problem, someone was using them at the time, and they didn't show up in time either, so I went with what I had, and that was Arkel's OD Utility Basket Pannier. Read More...

Talk to y'all soon- Ride safe! ...And enter the contest!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Theives & Contests...

so it happened again- someone stole the front wheel off my road bike. i walked outside of my girlfriends to see it hanging on the fence missing its front wheel. it was a pretty nice wheel set. its part my fault- i didn't bring my cable, but still- it was the middle of the day and in a nice neighborhood. so my total loss since moving to chicago is one set of velocity wheels, a cetma rack, a set of fenders, one crank arm, my cargo trailer, and this wheel, not to mention derek's front wheel, or our roommate's wheel derek's sister borrowed.

it sucks...i hate people who steal shit. -Cole

on that note, don't forget about our contest! along with Bianchi, we're giving away a 2009 San Jose Pro! more info here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So we've got some HUGE news for you- WE'll have more on it tomorrow, but starting tomorrow through august 15th, everyone that signs up for our newsletter will be entered for a chance to win a Bianchi...that's right! No purchase necessary, no BS- with a big thanks to the fine fols at Bianchi, we've got a bike to give away, and the winner will be randomly picked August 16th from our newsletter subscribers! that's it. sign up for our newsletter- it's a 2 step process- and you just might win yourself a new Bianchi! How rad is that!?!

Now, the reason that there won't be more info until tomorrow is because I thought I had a pic of it (and maybe I do, but I can’t find it...), and I gotsta gets more info from Cole. So I'll have it tonight, and pass it along tomorrow along with any other info about it. open to all ages/races/genders/religious preferences/etc. THIS MEANS YOU!

Speaking of Bianchi, around the time the contest ends, Bianchi will have less than 100 of these limited edition 2009 Pista frame/fork, and we get one to review!

And let's not forget it's wednesday- we didn't! Review day!!!

Up first Cole updates his review of Axiom's Monsoon Panniers

"Just a quick update about these panniers. I had chance to take them on our mini tour and a found out a few more things about them.

First, I used them as front panniers and I know they're rear, but they're a pretty good size for a front in my opinion. One of the problems I saw, and I'm not sure if they do this on front panniers or not- is the handles. There is one on each pannier and they snap together. In theory, a great idea- but when you're going 24 mph down hill and you see those handles flapping dagerously close to your spokes, you start thinking about cutting them off pretty fast." Read More...

Next up, I review Axiom's Journey Series Tubular Alloy Rear Rack

"Cole got this rear rack from Axiom and we threw it on his dad's Trek 7.3 before our 3 day tour, and it handled the job fine.

Weighing in at a mere 700 grams, this rear rack is super light, but super tough with it's triple stay design and sweep-back support for panniers. The stay length is adjustable, fitting 26", 27", and 700cc sizes."Read More...

Then I Review Cyclelogical's Reflective Chopspokes

Remember the review I did a few months back of one of Cyclelogical's backpacks? Well, when they sent that, they sent along these too- their Reflective Chopspokes. Little, round, reflective sticks that snap on the spoke of your choice with ease in a couple seconds. They're pretty sweet and do their job really well, and in my opinion beat the hell outta those old school reflectors..." Read More...

After which Cole and I both have something to say about dznuts...

"Watching the Tour deFrance and seeing Dave Zabriskie, I realized I hadn't done the review for dznuts. It's hard to take something called "dznuts" seriously, and the fact it's chamois cream makes it even harder- I'm laughing just writing this review, but if you ever needed chamois cream its very serious." Read More...

And I wrap it up with some quick words on the Trek 7.3FX

"So this is Cole's Dad's bike that I borrowed for our little trip we made- a Trek 7.3FX. It was my first time riding it- I picked it up the night before our trip, put the rack on, boxed it up, and went to Chicago. If you read our tour stories you know the mini-horror i went through, but come time to go, I was ready and so was the 7.3FX.

With a few slight adjustments- mainly the seat and bars, lubed it up, pumped the tires, and we were ready to go. As loaded down as I was, this bike was smooth and handled well. Shifting was smooth- no problems climbing up long, steep grades, nor any going down wobbles, nothing. Sturdy. The brakes were fine through it all. I really liked the fact that it had thumb/finger shifters as opposed to grip shifts. My mountain bike has them and I've never liked it, but then again I've never switched it out either... but that's what I prefer. It's more comfortable for me."

So that's it for the reviews for this week, but check back tomorrow for more info on the Bianchi- and tell yr friends- spread the love...who wouldn't want to win a new Bianchi? While maybe slightly jealous, I'd still be happy for my buddy if they happened to be the winner and not me (and although a newsletter subscriber myself, i'm not eligible to win...). How about you? So sign up for our newsletter- how bad could it be? I heard this story once about how the sun shines on every dogs ass some day...lucky dog!