Friday, November 28, 2008

hello all,

today is black friday, so in honor of millions of people going out to spend their hard earned money, we thought it would be cool to stay at home and buy the easy way- online, so we're having a big sale!

we have decided to make the sale the whole weekend too, so if you're a fan of national buy nothing day, you can still participate in that and get in on the sale!!! all our shirts will be $12.99 the whole time- until sunday at midnight!!!

as an added bonus, we have collected an assortment of stuff to give away!!! if you spend $30.00 or more, you will be entered to win one of four prizes. we have a OLC painting done by my brother, a size large traitor shirt from our friends at traitor cycles, a copy of the b.i.k.e dvd, and a $25.00 gift certificate from us.

lets talk christmas- if you order after the sale- baring any crazy post office mess- you will get your order before christmas! if you hold off, all orders placed by dec. 18th will be there by christmas, and if you live outside the US, all orders placed by dec. 8th will be sent out in time for christmas. any questions you can email me

also, check out the reviews this weekend- we've got new reviews from swobo, planet bike, and more!



Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i got this in a email today, its kind off a bummer. having my own small business i know how hard of a decision this must have been. good luck guys

Hi All,

With the move to the larger space and then the drastic down turn in the economy we have been operating at a loss. The DG 2 went way into dept and we will forced to close.For this I am deeply saddened.The devil's gear bike shop on Chapel will countinueto be open
for now.The DG2 will be selling everything at 40% off.Also for sale will be two repair standand lots of shop tools, air compressor,display stands,stools,cash registor,lights etc.To do this is truely heart breaking .

Peace and Happy Holidays,


Give Thanks for up to 40% off in-stock bikes!
Hello folks!
From now until January 1, 2009 save up to 40% off in-stock pre-2009 bikes at both Devil's Gear Bike Shop locations, including select bikes by Fuji, SE, GT, Felt and Pinarello. We're sure to have something you need!
The Devil's Gear has got you covered with great holiday gift ideas for all the riders on your list. Ask any of our expert staff for affordable, practical suggestions…
• Outfit your serious rider with a new pair of Bellwether knee warmers to get them though the rough of winter, as well as a broad selection of Craft and Descente cold weather clothing.
• Save up to 15% on all in-stock winter clothing. 25% on all in-stock summer clothing.
• Commuting to work? We've got waterproof panniers by Axiom to keep your cargo dry all winter long, or stock up on safe, stocking-stuffer friendly lights from Planet Bike.
• Keep your student happy with a sturdy messenger bag or laptop sleeve from Baileyworks in various colors.
• Your hip fixie rider needs a little sparkle- and we've got a candy colored assortment of Velocity wheelsets in many colors and bright, eye catching toe clips/straps by MKS and Soma in stock, ready for show-and-tell.
• For your child (or the child in you!) we have all the bells and whistles- including squeaky animal horns, bells and cute, patterned helmets for those little heads.
• Sure to please is a Gift Certificate in any denomination, good at our shop and the Devil's Gear II- Treat your special one to a tune up, or let them choose their favorites from our large selection of bikes and accessories.
Now's the time to get your bike serviced and road-ready for winter riding- bring it in for repairs and upgrades by our awesome mechanics and beat the nice-weather rush.
Get your bike tuned up now and receive a huge discount on parts- up to 25%!!
Visit us on the web at for more specials and community events.
Be sure to visit us at our two New Haven Locations:
• Wooster Square location at 433 Chapel St. New Haven 203.773.9288
• Downtown at our new store, the Devil's Gear II 97 Audubon St. New Haven 203.772.4430
-Devil's Gear Bike Shop

ps please feel free to forward this email to ALL your bike loving friends.


the devil's gear the devil's gear II
433 chapel st 71 audobon st
nhct 06511 nhct 06510
203 773 9288 203 772 4430

Saturday, November 22, 2008

new blogger

as you can all see we have updated our blog. thanx to our webguy brandon's hard work, i like what we have.
to the right are banner ads from a lot of our friends who have sent great stuff for us to review. plus, you will also notice the google ads...we need to pay some bills and to be honest they have some links to cool stuff.
you can now also follow our blog, and i'm going to start trying to update more often with stuff about bicycles, and not just me apologizing for taking too long to ship orders. to the left you will see our nav bar- use that to go and buy some of our gear!
thanx for looking at the site, and look for more improvements in the future!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i usually hate youtube videos but this is pretty great

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I had a birthday a few days ago and my girlfriend gave me one of the best presents. She did some Internet research and found a thermos and water bottle cage that work together. You just push a button on the thermos- it flips open and you drink out of it like a cup. So now I can have hot chocolate when im freezing on my pedi-cab, or warm tea when I'm freezing from touring in the rain all day. And for all you coffee drinking commuters out there, its perfect!

update: i have had a few request for links to the thermos and water bottle cage,so here you go

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Hello voters!

We have a few updates to let you know about. First off, we have 5 new reviews up this time! We reviewed some knickers from Swrve, a messenger bag from girl bike dog, our first full bike review of the Schwinn Madison, some lights from Monkey Electric, and some hand made panniers from Swift Industries. Check out all the reviews at and buy some stuff from these guys.

Since shirt sales have been slowing down a little it's given us more time to find products to review. I have a small pile of bikes, shoes, bags, sleeping pads and lights to still test out, so look for them to be on the site in the near future.

On to other business we are getting dangerously low on socks- especially size large, so if you want some you better act soon!!! We won't have more until the spring.

Also, we still have a few long sleeve shirts and the sale is still going on!!! We were supposed to take it down last week, but I guess I'm feeling generous.

Last but not least, we have a few items that we are going to give away in a contest or something- we have an original painting by my brother, a shirt from Traitor Cycles, and the B.I.K.E. dvd. I'll email with details on how to win one of these!

I'm off to ride myself stupid on my pedicab at the Obaba victory party- should be fun! That's presuming he wins of course….ahh who am I kidding? Of course he's going to win!!!

Ride on!


Saturday, November 01, 2008

people were going crazy, i had to stop and take pictures every few seconds...who knew