Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009


things have been a little quiet here at one less car, and while i miss
the money, the free time is good. it's given us a chance to work on
few new things and perfect some old here are the updates.

the yard sale is still going- i've sold a few things and added a
couple more, so check it out! and if you don't like the price, email
me with an never know!

next up, we now have a facebook for one less car clothing, so for all
you facebookers out there, we should hang out! its bare bones right
now but we will get it into shape in no time! try this link:
if it dosen't work (it should- i just copied & pasted it in a new
window and it was fine!) just search one less car clothing and you
will see us. don't forget- we also have a myspace:
and a flicker account that you can upload your photos to!

we also have a newsletter that you can sign up for on the left side of
our main page

we are working on some new stuff for spring and these all really great
ways to get updates from us and know when new stuff hits or when we
have sales. plus, you can always send me messages and what not
because its fun to b.s. with everyone.

ok- that's it for now... oh wait! i also have a twitter, but i think
it's lame and don't ever want to do it again! (i totally agree-
brandon) i wont even bother giving you the link, twitter is that



Thursday, January 15, 2009

i just rode home one mile and thought my face was going to freeze off.

my roommate just rode home...and i thought i was cold

Monday, January 12, 2009

we are not just a blog

you guys know we sell shirts right?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

porter crate

While home for the holidays, I took the chance to make a new porter
box. This is number two that I have made, and I have tried something
new. The idea behind this one is let's say you want to be a nice guy
and get you and your girlfriend/wife/partner a cup of coffee and some
pastries from your favorite bakery. This crate will carry two cups of
coffee/tea/hot chocolate/fountain soda and have room for what ever
else you decide to buy. The size is 16 inches across, 12 inches deep,
and 7 inches tall. I'm not completely happy with the wood i used. I
used aspen- it looked cool, but once I started working with it, it
seemed a little soft, but its ok. I'm not sure if I will make another
one of these- the whole cup holder thing was very time consuming, so
we will see. I would have liked to take pics of it on my rack so you
could see how it looks, but that just isn't going to happen... see
post below for the reason why, and email me for more info.

Friday, January 02, 2009

merry christmas to me

it was really cold here in chicago and my big u-lock had froze. when i got home from my girlfriends i locked my winter bike up outside with the mini u-lock, and brought my big u-lock inside to thaw out. my winter bike stays outside all winter long. i live in a small place with roommates and i already have three bikes in the house. i left in hurry because i saw on the news that amtrak was canceling trains because of the weather, and i needed to get to michigan to be with my family for christmas. in doing so, i forgot to re-lock my bike with my big u-lock through the frame and back wheel.

the day after christmas, derek calls and says someone stole my wheel set (it was nothing that great- a set of velocity areoheads with formula hubs and they have been through three winters). i was bummed, but what could i do? i was in michigan with the only set of keys to my lock. the next day, derek calls again and tells me whoever took the wheels must have come back, and they took my cetma rack, my spd pedals, and my fenders. this bummed me out.

while in michigan, i made a new porter box that i was really excited about, and now i can't even test it out. whoever stole all this was pretty much an asshole. if they thought it was an abandoned bike, that's bullshit- it had lube on the chain and zip ties on the wheels, plus a bike might stay in the same spot due to the holidays. oh well- i guess im going to have to rebuild.



Thursday, January 01, 2009


the sale is over, but you can always get the classic logo shirt for only $10.99 with any other shirt purchase! with the sale went a good handful of the old designs. while we're sad to see them go, it's giving us room for new designs this spring- that makes us happy, and we hope it makes you happy too!

to end 2008, or to start 2009 (i'm indesicive that way!), we've got some new reviews for ya! top shelf goods from the likes of vans, jones wares, outdoor research, smith, and lake- plus we updated last month's backpack reviews from banjo brothers and seal line with more pictures! coming in january, brandon will have his winter whip review, featuring products from ross, swobo, planet bike, connex chains, weinmann, and more! on top of that, we've got stuff from on guard, old man mountain, rudy project, and a few more!

sign up for our newsletter, follow the blog, be our facebook friend, our myspace buddy, or check back soon to get the latest.

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