Monday, January 26, 2009

i dont even know what to say


jimmy said...

I know what you mean - she should totally be wearing a helmet.

J-Rock said...

The question is would you hit it???

nick said...

dubya tee eff?

Leslie said...

You'd be a fool not to. I mean, she clearly likes bikes and has your eye for fashion, and besides, she's got to be at least six feet tall AND thinner than you!

Leslie said...

Clearly, you'd be a fool not to. She rides a fixie, has - um - style? like you do, is six foot tall... and she's even skinnier than you are. It'd be like kissing yourself.

Leslie said...

Aw man, it posted both my comments. Now I look like a double jerk.

Anonymous said...

no muscle tone whatsoever, you could try to have sex with her if you could somehow get her to eat more than cigarettes and coffee...ewwwww

1 less car said...

yup your a double jerk

agent.fin said...

poor girl
someone needs to get her seat adjusted for them long legs of hers
and them handlebars!
good lord
but yeah. more than anything

~MegO! said...

Yeah, how dare someone else find joys in bikes!

How dare fashionistas promote environmentalism and healthy living through bike editorial spreads.

I mean, everyone knows biking has nothing to do with fashion... except playing a key role in early bike history in liberating women from corsets and giving them independence.

Bikes should clearly only ridden by a minority of select bike-enthusiasts who KNOW that there way is the only and best way. Bikes aren't democratic or anything.

Psh. Yeah. Bike fashion. It will never happen.