Monday, March 30, 2009

Its weird how things work. I recently traded one of my fixed gear
bikes for a road bike. the road bike is now my new daily ride. I did
it for a few reasons- one, being that my knees were killing me (and
yes I had the right saddle height and all the other crap), another was
because I started wanting to ride further distances and even though I
could do it on a fixed gear it would be a lot more uncomfortable. I
believe you need the right tool for the right job.

What’s weird is the looks I get now- they're the same looks I got
years ago when people realized I didn’t have gears. I’m just waiting
for someone to ask “so, you just pull those levers on the handle bars
and it slows you down?”.

edit: the bike i got is a trek 1500,it evens has the discovery channel paint job.

edit#2: its the paint job its a little to flashy for me. the bikes itself is totally into the way it accelerates,two turns of the cranks and your up to speed and climbing is too easy.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Taking it easy this week- it's been a long week. but it's all a set
up- let me break it down like this:
This week, we've got Topeak's Super Tourist DX Tubular Rack w/disc mounts for ya, because next week we've got panniers from Arkel and Queen Bee Creations! Also, somehow I screwed up the link for brandon's winter whip from a few weeks back, so if ya didn't get to check that out, it's fixed. so is the whip. Now, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, relax, and enjoy the review!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

wednesday reviews

We hope that you're as excited about our Wednesday Reviews as we are!
We got some really rad stuff for everyone to check out, so check it-
we've got the 700c Lager Singlespeed from SE Bikes, Cyclelogical's
Commuter Backpack, a multi-sport computer from CatEye, tires from
Kenda, Reverse Gear sent in their Moonah Pants, riding shorts from
Primal Wear, and more goods from Sportique.
So happy Wednesday to all, and to all a rad ride.

Monday, March 16, 2009

green beer

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I know its not till Tuesday, but here in
Chicago they celebrate the weekend before. i think it has something to
do with this town liking to drink themselvws stupid or something like
that- anyway, the parade was saturday and where there is crowd, I'm
heading there with my pedicab.
Now I have pedicabbed every month except February, and I ride my bike
to work every day, so I thought I would be in o.k. shape...wrong. I
was wearing my new heart rate monitor from the good people at Cateye,
and was hauling 4 people up what i would say is a small incline, but
when you've been eating pizza and hiding inside from the snow all
winter this small incline is like Mount Everest! Just about to the top
and my heart rate is 199 and I'm at 105% -i thought anything over a
100% was death, but i guess not. i survived and all is well.
The monitor also has a calorie counter and by the end of the day i had
burned almost 3000 calories. This might be why I'm so skinny, but I'm
new to this whole calorie thing, so I don't really know.
I only took one pic throughout the day and it was with my cell phone.
It's of the Chicago river river dyed green. it was
pretty cool to see- enjoy!

We've gotten some rad bikes to review this season- whips from the
likes of Traitor, IRO, SE Bikes, Electra, and we've been talking with
Trek as well as a couple of other companies, so be on the lookout for
Our Wednesday reviews have started out strong! check back every
Wednesday for the latest. We'll also be making some changes to the
review section soon, like categorizing the reviews by type instead of
date to make it easier for you to find out what you need to know.
Lots of good stuff coming up, so stay tuned...

One Less Car

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wednesday reviews

It's Wednesday night and we're back again. I really wanted the reviews
to be up Wednesday morning, but I never was good with being on time.
ever. But, it's still Wednesday, and we made it! This week, we've got
a jersey and arm warmers from Primal Wear, volume 1 of Boneshaker: A
Bicycling Almanac
, and a pair of REI OXT Power Stretch Sport Pants.
Personally, I've had a hell of a day,But with a half hour to spare, I
made it. Enjoy.

Friday, March 06, 2009

end of the week, and we're back again!
this time we have a new shirt up- we call it the bone shaker- check it out:

also, our friend todd from SE BIKES will be on rod dyrdek's "fantasy
factory" this sunday night teaching rob & drama how to do backflips-
if you miss it, you can re-watch it here after it airs:

enjoy the warm weekend- ride your bike!

see ya next week-
one less car

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

wednesday reviews

Good evening...

Tonight we bring you Wednesday night reviews featuring products from
Rudy Project, Swrve, Kenda, and Sportique.

Stay tuned- friday we have a new shirt coming out and some other exciting news!

Thanks for reading-

One Less Car

Monday, March 02, 2009

out and about

What a week. Living in Chicago I hear of a lot of bike events
happening- there really is a huge bike culture here. I’m usually too
busy or just don’t want to go to a lot of them, but this week, in an
effort to help the company grow, I've changed my tune. The first event
I attended was the Momentum Magazine gathering. Apparently they are
going to start having a regular section about Chicago, so they wanted
to meet some bicycle people in Chicago and we got an invite. It was a
fun event. I got to meet a lot of people, passed out some business
cards, and ate some really good food. Thanks Momentum!

The next event was the closing party for the 12th annual Chicago Bike
Winter Art Show
. My trusty crew drove 6 hours to help out. We set up
something of a merchandise table- space was limited, but we made it
work. It was a good time- all the money raised went to West Town
, a local bike co-op. there was a lot of great art, and some
really good bands too! one of our reviewers was in one band that
totally kicked ass. I was proud. All in all a good time. I met some
more great people, laughed at all the ridiculously large messenger
bags that everyone was wearing (all night). We sold some stuff- not
enough to pay my rent, but enough to help us out and contribute to the
event. We also donated a handful of various things for the raffle. You
could look at some pictures of this party, but somehow between two
digital cameras and three cell phone cameras we didn’t take a single
picture…hey- we're new to this- we're still working out all the kinks!
I would like to thank Steven, Alexis, Stewert, Leslie and of course my
best friends and support crew Brandon and Bronwen for driving all the
way down here and helping me get every thing together.

I really wanted to go the North American Hand Made Bike Show, but with
all that I just didn’t have it in me... maybe next year. Right now
we're still trying to figure out how we're gonna get to Interbike!