Wednesday, September 30, 2009

we're back!

Sorry for the short hiatus- explanation: BATES CRATES! Bates Crates are hand-made porter crates for your bicycle. Very Smooth with tons of style.

Two Models- The Original and The Model T- The Model T was made specifically for the new Trek Echo! ...but it'll work on any bike with a porter rack too. It's just a tad smaller than The Original. Specs are on the site along with some fantastic photos from Shauna Bittle too!

I know we skipped reviews last week, and tonight I'm celebrating, and Cole is out working a double-header Cubs game and I hear it's pretty slow going tonight. So reviews will be up tomorrow- tonight I drink Tree Fort beer (Tree Fort Bikes + Ann Arbor Brewing Co.) & watch Dexter on dvd. Relax...

So til then, have a good night. I'll be back tomorrow.


PS- I'm taking the sale down tomorrow, so act fast if you want in on it!!

And Cole has the screen for the new shirt!

Friday, September 18, 2009

step 1. click on products (to your left!).
step 2. add shirts to cart while they're still on sale for $15.00!
step 3. save even more $$ by adding a bonus 'classic' shirt for only $10.
step 4. add stickers as desired.
step 5. check out.

Don't forget that orders over $30 get a free pack of Topeak's Flypaper!!! We've only got a handful left, so get it while we've got it!

And we've still got a couple grab bags left at a great price for those of you that can handle a surprise!!!

There's only a few days left to take advantage of the sale, so take advantage!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's almost 3AM my time- my tall boy of high life is down to the shwill...listening to johnny hobo and the freight trains on -screwed the day away and i've been plugging away at work tonight, writing, and editing, and so forth, and I think we've got some good stuff this week! Cole's reviewing bars from Origin 8, i've got a rad top tube velo-pocket from Hambone Designs, and as promised Cole's mom got a hold of the Dream from Day 6 and has something to say about here we go- see ya soon! brandon or @greezus on twitter (hint!) and cole is @1morebike (hint!).

Oh yeah- the sale is still up until next week. We got busy, so here's an extra shot at making out on some stuff while it's on sale! and don't forget about the FREE Topeak flypaper! look to the left for more details...i'm gonna be upset if there's nothing on the left about it...if not, scroll down, but i think i'm good on that...i hope.

Origin 8 Pro Lite 2 Carbon Ergo Road bars

Origin 8 sent me set of their carbon bars to test out and I was totally stoked on it. I have an older Trek 1500 that I totally like and am in the process of making lighter and faster, plus its an aluminum frame, so adding some carbon will help with the stiff ride.

The bars are pretty nice- they come in 3 widths so what ever your shoulders are they've got you covered. My shoulders are pretty wide, so I went with 42 mm. I mounted the bars with excitement and went out for a ride. Read More...

Hambone Designs Top Tube Velo-Pocket

Hambone Designs sent me a black leather, Top Tube Velo-Pocket, and it's way rad. It's basically an envelope more or less. It's got two straps for the top tube and one more that attaches to the down tube. Then a large flap that folds over the top tube and snaps the whole thing shut. It's a really great idea that works really well.

Hambone makes them in all flavors including animal friendly materials. Personally, I like my rock to roll until it crumbles apart and my leather real...and black, so I was stoked to get this in the mail- just my style! I've been using it to keep a couple wrenches, a small Crank Bros. pump and multi-tool, and a pack of Topeak's Fly Paper. Can't forget the tire levers either- pretty much everything to fix a flat if needed, along with anything else that I don't want in my pockets...keeping them bulk-free while I ride. Read more...

and we take one last look at Day 6's Dream -21spd comfort bike

-stop back soon! lots of good stuff happening!!! unfortunately we can't make it to Ibike this year- sorry Vegas. hopefully next year, but in the meantime cole and I are hoping to do another 3-4 day tour next month- we've both got some great stuff to take out on the road and can't wait to test!!!

and if all goes as planned i'm gonna try my hand at cyclocross saturday!!!



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First- damn! This bike is soooo dope!!!! The shirts are pretty rad too- I've been a fan of The Hundreds for quite a few years now. Man...only 300 & hand numbered...that's so rad- and at a great price! About $650. Usually rad + limited doesn't = cheap! What an opportunity.

I've had a few good opportunities come my way lately & haven't been able to take advantage. September just hasn't been my month- I swear. I'm too nice- I wish I was a thug & I'd be first on the list!!! But's not my style. Plus I'm not buff enough. Although years back when I had a lot of facial piercings & worked at the local grocery store a little girl in a dress walked around the corner, saw me, and ran back around- I kept walking that way to find a puddle of pee on the floor! Good times.

Seriously though- I bet they'll sell out quick as all hell. It's so smooth! I haven't danced and sang Michael Jackson at the same time since the early 80's, and I never dug the "it's black/it's white" tune, but for some reason this bike makes me wanna sing it loud while riding it down the street- maybe even do a little dance at the first stop sign! Hands down, one of the coolest PK Looptails ever. No doubt.

Looks like the perfect bike for killin' everything in the streets and hitting the back yard dirt jumps in between- in total styyyyyyle! Visit for more info!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear City of Chicago-

Please pull your head out of your ass and take control of what's going on in the pedicab world.

Last night I tried to work the U2 concert in Solider Field. We were chased out, threatened with arrest, and generally treated like total shit by a police officer who is so obviously drunk on the job its ridiculous.

We also have been fighting a war that the city needs to be fighting. They won't listen to us. Someone is going to get hurt and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

There are companies and independent riders pouring into this city and into the public to offer rides on bikes in that are in terrible shape, with no insurance, permits, or business licenses, not paying ground transportation tax...the list just keeps going on.

Oh- but wait! The city does want to regulate us. They want to take away our ad space and require us to carry workman's comp on each rider. Basically they want to cut our income in half and double our cost. Mayor Daley says he wants this to be the most bike friendly city in the United States, yet they won't even help those of us trying to provide alternative transportation to the fine citizens of Chicago.


Come back tomorrow for a peek at a sweet bike collaboration between SE Bikes & L.A's The Hundreds!!! looks like so much fun!!!


Friday, September 11, 2009


im really into my twitter right now, i mean im no lance Armstrong but still. seriously i do update it more then anything else.



Wednesday, September 09, 2009

it's my lucky day!

at least that's what my fortune said from my fortune cookie this past sunday- three days from now will be your lucky day. let's see...i climbed a ladder next to a pair tree on our farm. as soon as i was down, a pear fell from the tree and hit me on the head- hard. I'm seriously starting to think about full time head protection. but i did get a package of cd's from crafty records today to review for my music site, -my host got attacked and my site with it, so i'm in the middle of rebuilding and just the blog in it's sorry state is up- but that will all change soon.

but you came here to read about bikes, not about my good- or bad fortune. so cole is in michigan this week- he even came to visit yesterday. his mom now has day 6's 21 spd dream comfort bike to test out, so we'll have her opinion before too long. she had knee surgery not too long ago and needed something with a low step-thru. the dream is perfect, and so far she loves it.

i also had a yard sale the last four days, and haven't been able to get much done in any other areas, but luckily cole came through for us this week with a review of:

The Cross Canada Project DVD

Mike Beauchamp is a really likeable guy. Being a bike tourer, people always ask about my trip when I get back. I always wish I could video tape and show them the highlights just so they could see what you go through. Well, Mike did just that. He decided to ride his bike across Canada a videotape it. Read More...

That's it for tonight. I'll have my life somewhat back together in time for next week's reviews, but check back before then...lots of exciting bike news has been coming our way...we've got news from bianchi, a super limited collab between SE & LA clothing company the hundreds...stay tuned!!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

helping out

I sat down with Evan from Boneshaker Almanac awhile ago as he came through Chicago. He gave me a copy of the newest issue of the Boneshaker Almanac (BA 42-300), and as I was reading I was happy to see he did and interview with Swift.Industries- I did a review of a set of there panniers awhile ago. Reading the interview I was pleased to see we got a mention!

"...The first set of panniers went out in March 2008. Shortly thereafter, One Less Car, based in Chicago, ran a review of their panniers. ...Since then, Swift has been getting an order once or twice a week..."

Its cool to know that we are doing what we planned- helping people discover great products with our reviews!

Friday, September 04, 2009

this week's reviews

alright- it's all me this me this week- i reviewed the front Aerospoke track wheel of the set (I explain in the review), and take another look at Day 6's Dream- 21spd comfort bike!

cole and i have been talking and we're going to be updating this thing at least three times a week, so stop back soon...


Aerospoke Track Wheel -front

I've been wanting to test a set of these for awhile now, and it's my lucky month!

Michigan is the birthplace of One Less Car. The MC5 were from Michigan too. Iggy...a bunch of things that I think we can all agree rock. Col. Potter from MASH was born here was I- so was Cole, and Derek too. The list goes on & on...Michigan is a special place. Is it just a coincidence Aerospokes are made in Michigan? I don't think so, but that's another story altogether.

If you've been following our blog, you probably know that the lock ring wrench (that will go unnamed) I borrowed didn't hold up long enough to unscrew my lock ring, forcing a spoke to go into my finger, and also making me a dick- sometimes I don't have the best of luck... I don't know why I've been waiting until I could put them both on to start checking them out- the least I could do is rock the front wheel- and rock it I have been! Read more...

Day 6 Dream 21spd comfort bike

So I've had some more time to spend riding the Dream around, and it's been a great time. Its just a totally different feeling sitting up and being able to sit comfortable! I can't deny that! I got stopped twice today complimenting my bike! That's always a good feeling! It's a fun time to ride, and can go pretty much anywhere. I wouldn't go completely off road with it, but it handles fine on trails too. Like I said the first time, it's still more difficult to climb REALLY big hills- but it can be done! I think this bike would be great for anyone living in a moderately level area with small-medium sized hills. Read more...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hi- I'm Brandon, One Less Car's resident web guy, part-time product tester & review writer, button presser, and on rare occasions when I'm in the great city of Chicago at OLC's HQ I help get orders sorted, packed, & ready to go to the post office...I've even printed a couple of orders here & there!

The first bike I fell in love with was a used, blue Schwinn Stingray in near mint condition my grandma got me at the age of four or five. It will be 30 years ago next June that I got that Schwinn, and there's been a whole slew of bikes in between, but I've kept on riding and haven't looked back since.

What ever happened to that first bike beats the hell out of me. For some reason, sometimes bikes just seem to come & go...I think my dad sold that one. Some of them I rode into the ground- mainly the Huffys! Others were sold to upgrade, and there's always the one that got ripped off- my hot pink, GT Pro Performer...that bike was hot. I still miss that bike. Truth be told, I would've sold it by now to upgrade, even though now I wish I had it back.

I remember the bikes I've had better than the automobiles that I've had- my memory sure isn't what it used to be, and while I can recall either bicycle or auto fairly easily (and there's been several of both!), it's the bikes that have the best memories for the most part.

Primarily I use bicycles for pleasure. I use them to clear my head, to feel good, and to get rad when i can! I use them to get from point A to point B, usually making my own points in between, seeing things I'd miss if I were traveling in an automobile. If something in the distance catches my eye, I usually ride there and check it out- guaranteed to if I'm out riding alone- which is usually the case due to my current residence...but that's all good. riding solo offers a lot of solitude- something that's hard to come by in times like these! But when it comes down to it, there's nothing like a ride with a good friend or two...or ten! And why stop there?

I've also used a bike to tour with too- you might not go as far as you wanted- or maybe you will! But I bet you'll have more fun than if you were speeding along in a car- anyone can ride a bike 50-60 miles a day...guaranteed. Seriously- if I can do it, you can do it!

If I didn't work from home, I'd ride my bike to work. I used to ride my bike to work when I could before I started to work from home. Some days I'll go for a ride just to say I rode to work today, even though I'm just coming work! And I feel lucky- because part of my "work" is being a part of One Less Car.

I live in a land full of long, steep inclines, surrounded by woods everywhere...and in those woods are trails. Sometimes there isn't a trail and I have to blaze my own...climbing over fallen trees of yesteryear, skidding through the base layer of a few years worth of fallen leaves, slowly getting over rocks & boulders in my path.

I also live in a land full of lakes. Lake Michigan is a couple miles downhill and a small, crystal clear lake (Crystal Lake) is a little less than a mile downhill the other way...did I mention I kinda live on a hilltop of sorts? Home is ALWAYS uphill!!!

So I live in Michigan...and we get all four seasons in full effect! Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter- we get it all. Sunshine, rain, winds, hail, snow, and everything in between...and I ride through it all! Fenders are a gift from the gods!!!

Then there's the rails to trails program where abandoned rail lines have been turned into bicycle trails! While these trails are usually paved or aggregate, they also have a ton of really cool, often wooden bridges! Being a train lover my mind sometimes turns to train mode, and I magically turn into an old Ann Arbor steam locomotive- my bell turning into the loco's whistle screaming into the air.

Living where I do with all of it's obstacles, you can imagine that I have a couple different bikes that I primarily use- if I'm just cruising around town, i love riding my Traitor PBR Ringleader- fixed (which also happens to be the first brand new bike that I've had since before my teens!). If I'm in the woods, it's on my 10+ year old Specialized (that's seen it's better days...) that I dropped down to 7 speeds and although it's old, I can still get aggro on it!

The Specialized is getting close to retirement- a new bike to ride in the woods sounds like it's definitely in order! I'm also looking for a good road bike to fly around these ungodly hills up here that I could also use for long distance touring (or either/or/both...I've come to find that you can never have too many bikes!!! (Here that company reps reading!?)

Recently I acquired a few vintage bikes that I want to restore- a couple Bianchi folders and a Stingray rip-off, as well as a more recent bmx bike that I'm looking forward to building a dirt jump or two on the farm and getting rad on soon as I get some brakes for it!

That about sums it up for me- for now anyways!

Who are you, and how do you ride your bike?

-Reviews will be up tomorrow- ran outta sunshine for pics. ya gotta have good pics. reviews just aren't as fun without the pics...

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you tomorrow!