Saturday, December 29, 2007

all kinds of stuff

this could be a few updates but im going to make it must be my month for the word crash first my computer then me, a lady walked right out in front of me yesterday and i plowed right into her. i ended up going over the bars and sliding on my face for bit (the feeling of your teeth on pavement sucks) i ended up with a fat lip a small cut on my chin and im pretty sore today but all in all im cool with it. i think she got the worst of it she said she was fine but i feel pretty bad about it.

i spent the holiday making spokecards. a really great artist called 78 sent me some really nice stuff to make into spokecards,i have 12 designs and i made 10 of each. we are going to give away one with each order over $30.00 till we run out, there very limited and super cool.

i got another backpack to test out from mer bags
it looks really really nice look for a review soon.

i also got a dvd called caravan/prague. that looks really cool. plus i get to watch a dvd about bikes and say im working.look for the review soon.

thats it for now more later


Thursday, December 20, 2007

damn it

i have had a ruff few days. everything that could go wrong has. the biggest is that my computer crashed AGAIN,its still under warranty but its going to take two to three weeks.this is the worst possible time for this but ill make do with my cell phone and my roommate zac's computer. if you email me and it takes awhile to get back to you don't worry i will get back to you. this update is sponsored by the fine people at acer who make a not so great computer.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

short & angry

so being that we are getting hats its probably not the best idea to send people of the other site to buy hats, but i found short & angry and think there hats look sweeeeet. i think im going to get myself one. check it out,you can even send them a pair of pants and they will cut them off and hem them then make you hat from the leftovers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ha ha as much fun as the last post was i got news. the limited edition american apparel hoodies are done! im shipping them tomarrow so if you placed a order you should see it in a few days.

also just a reminder the 12th is the cut of for christmas shipping after that ill do what i can.


Friday, December 07, 2007

vegan socks?

so i'm all happy because we are getting bicycle socks made with our logo on them. when i ordered them i paid more for them to be a wool blend, i did this because as rider i know wool is really functional, it doesn't absorb oder and will wick away moisture, all which sounds great in a sock right? well i put on our myspace that we were coming out with these socks and i get a reply saying we should make vegan ones...what? why do most vegans have to be so "im vegan" all the time? these socks are going to be good for riding your bike. if you want to sweat away in your cotton of synthetic socks feel free.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

man,so last round of orders i guess i was overwhelmed or something,but i messed up a few orders. to everyone who i bummed out, im really really sorry and working to fix for u. than for sticking with us.


ps damn i probably should not post about how crappy of a job i did...might turn people off to us right?

pss i dont really smoke crack.