Saturday, December 29, 2007

all kinds of stuff

this could be a few updates but im going to make it must be my month for the word crash first my computer then me, a lady walked right out in front of me yesterday and i plowed right into her. i ended up going over the bars and sliding on my face for bit (the feeling of your teeth on pavement sucks) i ended up with a fat lip a small cut on my chin and im pretty sore today but all in all im cool with it. i think she got the worst of it she said she was fine but i feel pretty bad about it.

i spent the holiday making spokecards. a really great artist called 78 sent me some really nice stuff to make into spokecards,i have 12 designs and i made 10 of each. we are going to give away one with each order over $30.00 till we run out, there very limited and super cool.

i got another backpack to test out from mer bags
it looks really really nice look for a review soon.

i also got a dvd called caravan/prague. that looks really cool. plus i get to watch a dvd about bikes and say im working.look for the review soon.

thats it for now more later



Marrz said...

Yep, I know that one, I while adjusting my pack went off a curb and fell coming back on, went over sideways and bumped on my face breaking out my two fronts.