Tuesday, December 04, 2007

man,so last round of orders i guess i was overwhelmed or something,but i messed up a few orders. to everyone who i bummed out, im really really sorry and working to fix for u. than for sticking with us.


ps damn i probably should not post about how crappy of a job i did...might turn people off to us right?

pss i dont really smoke crack.


k-dents said...

again... quit with the apologies. this isn't ebay.

but, if i don't get my hoodie within 1 or 2 weeks... i might leave you negative feedback.

k-dents said...

when i left the last comment, i thought it was going to be viewed as funny/sarcastic... but i guess it came across wrong. maybe the ebay and negative feedback reference was a little unsettling because of the bad experience with that gig. so, im sorry. i didn't mean to sound like a dick. it was supposed to be funny. now i'm apologizing.
keep up the good work, and the middle finger!