Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ok im i dick

to everyone who ordered sale shirts.

i'm a dick and didn't thing about the long delay for thanksgiving, i have been printing non stop for the last two days and tomorrow derek and i are going to take our very overstuffed bags to the post office. you should see your orders by the end of the week.i'm hoping you will read this before email and yelling but if you need to vent i feel i deserve it. next time we have a sale i will plan a little better because we got a ton of orders. thanx to everyone who ordered and once again sorry for the delay.



Anonymous said...

Just made me laugh!! Who can complain about there order after reading that!!! Such is life, oh well it will get there when it gets there!!

Joe said...

Cole, you are doing a great service and we are all proud of your work. No worries. Joe.

k-dents said...

i agree. keep up the good work, and the middle finger. i'm guessing that the majority of your clientèle is not going to have a problem with the delay.

hwianshirt said...

Well, damn you all to hell for not thinking about the customer. How dare you have a life outside of your job. You should be ashamed. I am so mad right now, I think I may have to go drive a car wearing a NASCAR t-shirt. Now live with that on your conscience.