Thursday, January 24, 2008

winter crap land

man i went to print today and all my ink was froze. i print in the back room of our apartment and there is no heat, usually my dryer warms it up nice but not today it was like 11 out...bummer.

my winter bike also has a flat and i dont want to even change it so im riding my good bike in this crap. i want summer pretty BAD.

the hoodies are selling great thanx to everyone who bought one you should see them next week.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

the battle continues. after my computer was gone for three weeks again i called best buy and they said it was in (never bothered to call me or anything) i went picked it up and came home all happy. when i turned it on it said there was a memory card in the memory card slot...weird both mine are here and there was nothing in the drive,when i opened the drive there were pics of some kid and all his friends alot of music and some video. i got a flash lite and looked in the drive sure enough there was a memory card broke off down in my drive! some ass hole at the store or repair center used my computer and didnt bother to tell anyone he broke off his memory card in it. i was already kinda pissed then my computer shut down and never came back on which is what took it in for in the first place. i went back and yelled they just said they would fix it again and i would see it in two now i will be without my computer for a total of almost 2 months and ive only had it for 8. i called best buy told them i want a replacement they said acer need to give me a replacement,acer said best buy need to give me a replacement! i spent 3 hours on the phone with them and got no where. i know when it come back its not going to be fixed right again. so if you are thinking of buying a computer from best buy think twice there support is crap also if you are thinking of buying a acer DON'T.

so my business is pretty messed up, i'm running it using my cell phone and borrowing my roommates computer. i'm doing ok but if your wondering about your order please email me and ill make sure u get it.

fighting the good fight



i emailed best buy telling them my story. this what i got in return...good to see they are consistent on there crap customer service.


I am Joselito with Best Buy Customer Care.

At Best Buy, we understand the importance of good service, as well as how frustrating poor service can be. I apologize that your experience with Best Buy has been unpleasant.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns. We look forward to your next visit to one of our stores or to

Best Buy Customer Care Team


this will be the last update because im pretty tired of it and you came here to see stuff about bikes.

a employee of best buy emailed me,he read about my story and is a avid cyclist. he said he could try and help. within a day he got back to me said they contacted the service manger and let him know what was going on and would update me a soon as he got back to them. they also are going to give me a $75.00 gift card to make up for some of it. now i know its not a new computer but i feel good knowing that someone has taken the time to address the problem. also feel if there is another problem that they will take it more serious.

thanx to clayton for all the help,and thanx to all you guys who posted about this.