Saturday, August 21, 2010

up and running again!

The catalog is fixed, so you may order at will! We'll still be updating more, but everything is working right now. Cole took some great new photos of our shirts, and they look really great!

We're also going on tour next weekend, so all shirts are back on sale for only $15.99 each!!!
This time the sale will be over when the tour is, so act while it's happening!

Friday, August 20, 2010


technical difficulties:
we know a lot of people haven't been able to order certain items due to a glitch with our paypal buttons. i don't know how it happened other than something happened when we ended the sale a couple/few weeks back, so to make up for it- and because cole and i are going on a 5 day tour at the end of the month and need all the help we can get, all shirts will be back on sale- only $15.00!

the catalog should be working again very soon- with all new pictures even! i'll let you know when it is- should be sometime tonight. thanks a lot for your patience! we appreciate your business and support- it's people like you that keeps the air in our tires & our dreams alive. we hope you stop back soon!

want a couple stickers on us?
we'd love to hear a good cycling story and know you do too- everybody's got at least one- even if they don't ride!

like the first time i rode my blue schwinn stingray without training wheels in the lutheran church's parking lot across the street from our apartment where i grew up. about how i fell hard & skinned my knee up- it hurt like hell! blood was running down my leg...

but my grandma helped me wipe the blood from my knee, made it all better, and i got back up on that blue steel horse and kept on going. that was probably 31 years ago. i'd say i kept going and haven't looked back, but here i am, looking back.

so big props to my grandma for getting that stingray & teaching me how to ride- it's been a great ride ever since! the bikes have changed over the years, just as i have, growing with each one... and 31 years later here i am, and still riding as hard as i can, as often as i can... alone, with my better half, and my best friends when i see them in chicago...

so like i was saying before my lil' story, we'd love to hear- and post yours!

please send a related (or not) pic along with it (if possible), along with your name/address and we'll send you a couple stickers for your time!

it can be about ANYTHING bicycle related- first bike, favorite place to ride, what got you riding... those are just a few examples.

please try to make it at least a paragraph or two, and longer is fine- but one sentence won't cut it unless it's a damn good sentence- one that will make me wanna get up & dance because i got too much booty in my pants kind of sentence!

i used to get a graffiti newsletter/email once a week & it had a "chase/cat & mouse" story (if'n ya catch my drift...) or two at the end. it was great and i miss that newsletter, and i'm trying to do the same type of concept here except with bicycles, making our blog more of a community.

i don't care if you ride bmx, parks, street, fixed, geared touring, mtb, trike, recumbent, cyclocross, rollin' on 29's, or your sister's 10 speed! we wanna hear about it!

send your submissions to me:

thanks again!!!

we've been getting things in to review again- i'll post a pic & fill you in as soon as I can get the catalog fixed and updated- not to mention shirts are back on sale for $15.99, but only for a limited time! due to the following, i'm trying to stay busy and will be in top of things this time around!


p.s. have you checked your tires lately? not just pressure, but for wear too? might be a good idea...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

pathless pedaled video

being that im a fan of touring and photography i totally dig this video from