Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Check it out- Urban City Bike Shelf

What they say: Based out of Queens, NY these bike shelves are made out of solid maplewood, cherrywood, and walnut. Bike shelves are then stained and coated with natural wax. Serves as a unique way to mount your bike, which can be used as a book shelf to store whatever you want. Designed with a creative mind, these bike shelves are perfect for people who need to utilize their space in a standout way.

What we say: Since Cole started Bates Crates, we've both been paying more attention to handmade cycling goods. with that in mind, I got a hold of Urban City Bike shelves, and they sent us one of their bike shelves to check out review.

First off, to all of the naysayers out there, as well as the people that think "I could just do that myself!", go do it. You'll have a much better understanding of handmade goods and why they cost the price they do. Read more...

Friday, July 01, 2011

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