Friday, April 25, 2008


i know i know but everyone has one and its fun to see all the people who are into our stuff, so here is ours i also post on there about sales and what not and goof off with people it kinda fun.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

sale shirt shipping

after 4 rides to the post office with very very full bag and slight dooring incident. all the sale orders have shipped,everyone should start too see them next week. i also realized my current system is not going to work if we get a ton of orders like the sale, it was rough week thats for sure. if anyone has any problems email me and ill help you out.



Thursday, April 10, 2008

thank you all so much

i dont even know what to say but thanx. we got a ton of orders, i dont know if it was just great timing or good promotion but it was amazing.i got orders from friends all over,people posted us on there blogs telling people to order.its so crazy that printing shirts in the back room of our apartment has gone so far.

the end stats are this 124 shirts i have to print,15 sets of patches,1 bar pad,3 hats and almost i the stickers i have. its going to be a long week for me but ill get them all done and sent out to all you guys.

once again i thank all of you,you have no idea how good this made me feel.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008


i ran into the deal of a life time today. a garage full of screen printing equipment that would really help us along in this little endeavor we have going here.the equipment i have is getting it done but im getting to where i have no time to ride or goof off,and thats why i started this whole thing. so i have a week or so to raise a lot of cash before the deal passes me by.

here is my plan. first the baseball season starts on monday so i will be out at wrigley field with the pedicab riding as much as i can. now the second part, the part that will help you guys and me...we are having a " we need new equipment sale" all shirts will be $15.00 and there will be free stickers with each order.

if you ever wanted a shirt or having been waiting for the right time its now! every order will be greatly appreciated. please tell everyone you know. ill keep everyone up to date on how close i am to reaching my goal.


thanx a bunch