Friday, April 22, 2011

This week I got to review a couple rad things-

Mission Workshop's Rummy, their medium sized roll-top Messenger Bag, and from Feedback Sports, their RAKK Storage Stand.

First up, we’ve got the Rummy:

Just like their roll-top backpacks, MW comes through with roll-top messenger bags that are just as weather-proof, just as bomb-proof, and come in 3 different sizes to satisfy whatever carrying situation you have.

I use their large Vandal backpack a lot of the time, but there's a lot of times when I don't need to carry a bag full of orders, or a keg... so I decided it'd be best to downsize and went with the Rummy, MW's medium sized messenger bag. Read more...

And last but not least is the RAKK:

When I opened the box to the RAKK, I was immediately impressed. It felt HEAVY, which made me think heavy duty right away, and that it is. It's also pretty compact, which is also a definite plus.

For a single bike stand, it's got options to boot. It's got two little arms on one side that flip out so you can hook another RAKK to that one to hold another bike. REPEAT. Straight line, circle, it's all good. Read more...

we've got more reviews in the works, so stay tuned!

same bike time, same bike channel...


Thursday, April 07, 2011

Enter Chrome's Sherman, a whole new breed of cycling bags.

Like Chrome says, The Sherman was built as a race bag, but fit to carry just about everything. To be honest, I didn't think I needed a new bag. I thought I was set on bags for the rest of my life, but something kept bringing me back to this bag... READ MORE!

Been playing catch up & trying to get back on the saddle after a really rough couple of months. Cole prefers I talk bikes (don't blame him!), so I'll spare you the details...

The main thing is I AM getting back on that saddle, and while I might need training wheels for a bit, everything is all good I guess. And no, I didn't crash this time. Just burned.

So I will ride and do my damnedest to keep a PMA...

Until next time (soon!), cheers!


P.S. OLC garage sale coming soon!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My 1st post from my new phone! Color me stoked!

I've been trying to get a jump on gathering touring necessities, and coffee is at the top of the list!

GSI Outdoors was rad enough to send along a couple of their coffee oriented items to try out on the road, including their JavaGrind and JavaDrip.

Both are very cool and get the job done- click the review link at the top to find out more!