Thursday, October 22, 2009

from the - Dahon IOS may be the ultimate commuter bike -

check them out at!

as promised!

back today with my software/tool review:

Video Surgeon
I originally stumbled across this product through a couple different guitar newsletters I receive, and thought it would be a great product for cyclists as well- for races, instruction, training, tips, tricks- anything and everything!

Video Surgeon lets you do several things. For starters, it gives you the ability to download videos that are embedded into sites such as YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, and blogs from all over the interweb! You can also rip video from dvds and rip audio from video! Read more...

Remember awhile back- not that long ago when i was tellin' y'all 'bout the collab between SE Bikes and The Hundreds? well, they're at it again- this time hooking up with Crooks & castles to make this:

The 26" OM Flyer SE, only 300 made, super limited, with a MSRP of $750...SE also has another collab with DC.

And speakin' of crooks, someone stole derek's sister kim's gold Velocity wheels right in front of her workplace...lookout chicago!

I had to wait on my review this week for political reasons, but Cole came through and gives us his first impressions of Melon's Slice- a folder! We're stoked about that! Here's my dog Rowan chillin' with the Slice!

I always used to laugh at folding bikes, but with Amtrak screwing me on taking my full size bike when I vist my parents I thought a foliding bike would be the solution. Read more...

So there's monday's news, wednesday's reviews, and i'll be back with a software review (software!? -yeah-i said it.) in the next day or two. it's done, i just gotta wait.



Thursday, October 15, 2009

back as promised!

word! new reviews this week from Bellwether and SOG Knives. good stuff. i'm saving the news for tomorrow!!! come back & see some rad stuff going on in the bike world... til then- brandon

Bellwether Sleeveless Base Layer

Bellwether was kind enough to send along a couple products for us to check out. They sent us this shirt and a rain jacket- Brandon got everything, but sent this my way. He knew I was looking for a base layer to wear under my bibs, so he hooked me up with the sleeveless base layer. Read More...

SOG Field Pup Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath

I can't wait to take this on our next tour- I think it's going to be the perfect knife for any outdoor application. With a 4" fixed blade it's the right length to get just about any job done. Not to mention sharp as hell! Read More...

See you soon!!!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


"Easy E, were ya eva caught slippin?"

wish I could say the same. it's the 13th- i totally put reviews up last week, but was up way late doing it and was going to post here the next day. tomorrow came and went...and went...and went, until today when i was all "HOLE-E-CRAP! ...and i realized that I GOT CAUGHT SLIPPIN'. straight slippin'. damn.

i was letting my personal life affect my business, and that ain't cool. short story, i got the boot from one of my bands (because I live 2 hrs. away), and it kinda screwed me up. i'll spare you the long version...but the procrastination-

for that, my apologies.

so let's get back to business, the way things should be. because we get the goods, and with the goods comes responsibilities. it's not only my duty, but my passion. I love OLC, where it came from to where it's at, it's philosophy and it's mission. I really believe in OLC. I really love bikes, and this is what it's all about.

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So, here's LAST week's reviews- we'll be back tomorrow

Tri-Flow Lubricants: Degreaser/Superior Lubricant/Grease

Tri-Flow sent Cole and I each a huge box of their products to test out- I decided I should show my mtb some love. It's been... umm...well? yeah- that long. It needed some attention- probably a complete overhaul, but for today, I just wanted to get the chain ring/chain/cogs cleaned and lubed, and I also wanted to switch out my pedals for a pair of Crank Bros. Eggbeaters I got on the cheap via Ebay. Read more...

Misfit Psycles ME2 Bars

These are the other handlebars that Misfit Psycles sent along (I previously reviewed the FU-2 bars)- I've been meaning to throw these on for awhile now and I took the advice on the package and threw these puppies on my mtb. Great advice- it's almost more like riding a big bmx bike now than a mtb- it's pretty rad- makes me jones to try out a 29"er!!! Read more...

So come back tomorrow & we'll be back with a couple more reviews, and some news too!

Cole is on his way back to MI to build some bates crates! If things work out right, we're gonna hook up & build crates together. I hope so. If you haven't seen 'em, check it out:!!! if they were liquid, i'd call 'em pimp juice, but they're wood...pimp box? damn. my pimp game is off! seriously though, they're top notch, hand made, wooden porter crates...and they've got cup holders to boot!!! hells yeah- cole really brought it with these crates. on the real. 100% pure class. Made from some of the finest materials out there with care and love. Ask your local dealer to stock them! Wholesale orders are available! Two models- The Original and The Model T...the latter made for Trek and fits their new Bellvue model!

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Friday, October 02, 2009

back as promised!!!

Back today with a couple reviews- this week we're bringing a couple everyday items to the table- first, a new pair of shades from Smith, and second, a really rad folding knife from without further a-do...

Smith Pivlock v90

Smith sent along a set of there new Pivlock v90s for us to check out. I was surprised of how big of a box they came in, but when I opened it I saw the way the glasses come- in a great case and being that the lenses are one piece the carry case needs to be on the larger side. Read more...

SOG Aegis

Maybe it's the left-over Boy Scout in me, but pocket knives are one of those things that you never really know how handy they are until you start carrying one. I swear I use mine all the time, and it's one of those things I feel naked if I'm without. Rare, but it happens.

I first got turned on to SOG by a good friend of mine. He ordered an assortment of pocket knives from various companies to sell in his shop, and SOG's Blink stood out from the crowd immediately. I fell in love and had to have it. I did a rad 4 color painting of shoes hanging from a power line on his kitchen windows that was actually a picture i took from the back door of his shop! Needless to say I got the knife upfront! It's a nice, small pocket knife that features SOG's patented Assisted Opening Technology- it's not a switchblade- it opens by pushing up on the thumb stud like most folders do today- but unlike most folders, once it's pushed up a little bit, the Assisted Opening Technology kicks in and the blade flies open. Super quick! Read more...