Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cole just got back from his annual tour work with Bicycle Illinois, and he also took back printing and shipping duties from me.

I'm still without a permanent -or even semi-permanent for that matter- place to live, so it just works out better this way. Things didn't work out for me as planned, so I'm staying in Michigan longer...somewhere.

So, OLC is fully back in Chicago!!!

In other news, we're going to have our first jersey in collaboration with Pace Clothing!!! We're both really stoked about that, as is Pace! I'll keep you up to date on those.

We've also got a couple new reviews for you this week! The first, Mountain Smith's Bike Cube Deluxe- A definite MUST have for all racers and all of you neat freaks out there!!! Then last, but certainly not least, is Detours' medium sized Seat Bag, The Guppy! I've been digging both pretty hard the last month.

Here's a little sample of the reviews...

Mountain Smith's Bike Cube Deluxe

Mountain Smith's Bike Cube is mainly aimed towards people who race their bikes. Straight up- the last time I raced a bike, I was under 12, if not 10, and it was across a long church parking lot across from my house.

I wanted to race BMX REALLY BAD when I was a kid. My dad took me out to our local track to watch a race, but we showed up towards the end and didn't catch any action. Sadly, that's as far as my racing career went. READ MORE...

Detours Guppy Seat Bag

I've been looking for a good saddle bag for a while lately, and in steps The Guppy from Detours.

I recently moved when I first got it and, I was without my bike for a few weeks. I ended up using it as my go to bag inside my BIG bag. Being super padded, I knew I could throw just about anything in it and toss it in without fear of any of it being broken. READ MORE...

That's it for now- stay tuned...We'll be back soon!!!