Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a rant of sorts

since moving to chicago i have seen a few trends that are driving me crazy. i’m sure this is going to make me sound like i’m mr. know-it-all, but it has to be said. first, i’m a function before fashion guy - it only makes sense; that’s why when i see people with straight bars (or riser bars) cut so short that their hands barely fit i get irritated. i’m sure you’re going to say that you do it so you can fit through those tight spots in traffic. . .ummm no, your shoulders are wider than your handle bars, so that’s not the reason. i’d like to see you stand up and really pedal, you must get some awesome leverage like that. and last, riding brakeless like that is ridiculous. how the hell are you going to back pedal? to me it’s just dumb. i don’t know who started it but i think it’s stupid. next on my list is people who ride a track bike or conversion with a free wheel and a front brake. have you thought about this? i’m sure you have seen other people with this look, but it’s because they are riding fixed gear bikes and they can use their legs to slow the back wheel. you, my friend, are going to haul ass into traffic, freak out, pull hard on you r front brake (because that’s all you have) and flip over your handle bars. brain damage comes to mind. i know that i’m just supposed to be happy that people are riding bikes, and don’t get me wrong, i am; but i also don’t want people to die because they want to look cool.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

to all of our customers: we have had a few problems as of late. first, we had to raise our shipping rates - i'm sorry, but the post office raised theirs, so we had to do the same. we’re doing our best to make our shipping as speedy and affordable for you as possible. next, if you ordered buttons - we had a problem with our mail lady because she didn’t believe that one less car was in our apartment building even though the package was addressed to me. she thought it was a good idea to just return it to the sender. so now they’re being sent to our p.o. box instead. if you’re waiting on those buttons they will be going out in the next few days. sorry about the delay. and i saved the best for last. it seems that our web server didn’t like neomail anymore, which is the mail client i have been using for the last year. anyway, they decided to remove it all together which left me holding the bag. i’ve made the switch to gmail, but i’m pretty sure i lost some contacts in that whole process; so if you have emailed me with questions and i never got back to you, i’m sorry- and if you resend them ill get right back to you. i don’t think we lost any orders. i took a lot of time matching orders with shipping receipts just to make sure everything was copacetic, so don’t worry that i didn’t get your order. we’ve been really busy lately and i've been working hard to get every order out as fast as i can. thanks to all for your patience.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

1. ask your potential landlord if he allows pets before packing all of you and your friend’s shit into a truck and driving it 3 and a half hours to a new city.

2. windex is best for cleaning smoke residue off from everything in the new place, because the person who lived there before you never opened a window and smoked a minimum of10 packs a day.

3. unsecured wireless networks kick ass!! (this update is brought to you courtesy of someone on this block, most likely the dude with the big ass plasma screen watching this week’s Lost)

4. never let the lady who works for the gas company into the building, especially when everyone else in the building is stealing gas; it seems that they will shut them off and that makes a great first impression. (“hi, my name’s cole and i’m sorry that we got your free gas shut off.”)

5. always, and i mean always, make sure that your chain is tight. I know, you’re thinking, “ahhh, it will be alright”; but you might end up hitting some bumps which cause your chain to explode into 3 pieces, locking up you rear wheel almost killing you. The three mile walk home in clipless shoes wasn’t all that (or a bag of chips).

5.5 always carry cash so if number five happens you can take a train home. if you’re a big spender there’s always the cab option. i am not a big spender. you need to have something to be able to spend it, right? living in the city isn’t cheap.

Monday, May 07, 2007

new fork

i just got this picture of the new fork that Jonny Cycles is building for me, i cant wait!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

urban cyclist

hey check out Urban Cyclist issue#1,there some cools guys doing something good.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


one less car is moving