Thursday, May 24, 2007

to all of our customers: we have had a few problems as of late. first, we had to raise our shipping rates - i'm sorry, but the post office raised theirs, so we had to do the same. we’re doing our best to make our shipping as speedy and affordable for you as possible. next, if you ordered buttons - we had a problem with our mail lady because she didn’t believe that one less car was in our apartment building even though the package was addressed to me. she thought it was a good idea to just return it to the sender. so now they’re being sent to our p.o. box instead. if you’re waiting on those buttons they will be going out in the next few days. sorry about the delay. and i saved the best for last. it seems that our web server didn’t like neomail anymore, which is the mail client i have been using for the last year. anyway, they decided to remove it all together which left me holding the bag. i’ve made the switch to gmail, but i’m pretty sure i lost some contacts in that whole process; so if you have emailed me with questions and i never got back to you, i’m sorry- and if you resend them ill get right back to you. i don’t think we lost any orders. i took a lot of time matching orders with shipping receipts just to make sure everything was copacetic, so don’t worry that i didn’t get your order. we’ve been really busy lately and i've been working hard to get every order out as fast as i can. thanks to all for your patience.



Anonymous said...

Hey there.
I was wondering if you still have those barpads availible. If so, I'd like the One Less Car one, just like you have it in the picture (black, white writing) except for could I get an orange "less" instead of green?

Thanks, Ryan