Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ebay store

the one less car ebay store has been closed, for a couple reasons. the first reason is because we had to charge a little extra to cover ebay costs and i don't like that. being the fledgling little “business” that we are we're still having a hard enough time trying to figure out what a reasonable price is to be charging for our shirts. since our inception our prices have slowly fluctuated, both up and down, trying to find that “sweet spot” as we've taken to calling it. see, we're not trying to make a killing doing this. all we want to do is make shirts and jazz that spread the word - and sing the praises of - riding bikes while getting compensated for the price of materials used and a nod or high-five for our time spent making said shirts. that's it. this was supposed to be a side project, something fun to do when not riding bikes. one less car wasn't started to rob you blind of the money you've earned by selling your time to your employers. i'm not a fan of the employer. i'm not a fan of selling my time. so please don't think we're ever going to try and pull that shit with you. the other reason is the immediacy that our culture has been all caught up in. we want everything now! drive-thru windows, a.t.m.s and scratch off lottery tickets (god forbid i'd have to wait for the evening drawing to see if i won) litter our countryside. we're all jacked up on caffeine, energy drinks and pharmaceutical speed (of all shapes and colors). where's my wireless internet connection? my blackberry? did i miss a text message? where's my debit card so i can transfer money from my savings to my paypal account? hurry, i only have two minutes left on this ebay auction! for some reason when people point and click on ebay they expect the item they bought be be on their doorstep the next day. unfortunately, we're not that high stress. we get results, but we're not glued to our computer screens. sorry. we have failed those of you caught up in the immediate culture surrounding us. three kids handling your orders takes a little time, as we too have decided to sell some of our time to employers. i wish that this was my job, but i'd rather live off myself than off of you and your money. three kids washing screens and burning images and photoshopping on borrowed computers takes a little time. ordering the shirts we need takes some time. we don't have a bunch of money to carry a large inventory. printing your shirts and sewing patches on hats takes a little time. i really don't want to come across in this note as a cynical prick. i'm just bummed on ebay and the hassle that comes with it. i'm bummed on people clicking “buy now” and sending an ebay message four days later asking why they haven't received their package yet. please exercise some patience. once you place your order we have to get the shirt you need in the size you want. then we have to screen your shirt. then we have to get all your information together and pack and ship your shirt. and then it's in the hands of the trusty postal employees, who are selling their time to an employer. we're all selling or time away. let's just step back, take a deep breath and start enjoying the time we have (while we have it). i promise that your package will get there. it may take a little more time than ordering from the big guys like or, etc. we're not real high tech. we're not trying to be. we're trying to make shirts that show everyone that we all love our bikes. i love my bike. you love your bike. and that's enough.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

oops our bad

Hey everyone

We messed up. It seems at some point in the last week or so our website
stopped taking orders (for shirts only- so if you orderes something else,
don't sweat it!), so if you tried to place a order for shirts, it probably
didn't let you... which can be frustrating to say the least. We're sorry.
The problem has been fixed. Thanks for sticking with us!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

lloyd dobler

I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything, as a career ... I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed or ... buy anything sold or processed or... process anything sold ... bought ... or processed ... or repair anything sold, bought or ... processed, you know, as a career ... I don’t want to do that.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

ride me

Ride me

check out our new shirt!

Other news: we have discontinued the long sleeve shirts and hoodies,so were going to be having a sale to get rid of the stock we have,check back soon. I also just updated to the new version of blogger and found all the comments everyone posted about our blogs, thanks and sorry i was a little slow on approving them.