Tuesday, February 06, 2007

winter wonderland

this past thursday it started snowing; by saturday night this is what things looked like (whiter than beverly hills). cole and i bundled up and got back on our bikes at about eight o'clock in the evening to ride around and take some pictures, documenting the storm from our perspective. i'm impressed that cole's camera even worked, with the weather being as cold as it was. on this particular night the temperature dipped down to a mere three degrees (fahrenheit), with a wind chill of minus seventeen degrees or something like that. you may notice the blowing snow throughout these photos. i'm pretty sure that this 'effect' was brought on by the thirty mile per hour gusts (they brought more of a hot stinging sensation to the face rather than the typical icy cold cheeks and nose). all in all it was a pretty interesting ride around town. there were very few cars out on the road (mostly pizza delivery drivers), so we pretty much had things to ourselves. the few people that did pass by us all had the same look of disbelief on their faces. i think they felt bad for us, having to travel by bike on a night like that. if they only knew how fun it was. . .

after bailing, headlong, into a snowbank cole's camera hit the snow covered pavement at a high rate of speed and failed to turn back on. at this point we're still hoping that minus seventeen degrees was just too cold for the battery. (fingers crossed) hope, hope.

Friday, February 02, 2007

hey everybody! a while back we met a truly amazing person from the u.k. by
the name of anthony. anthony runs an online magazine called "citycycling"
and he decided to put up an interview with us in the newest issue that came
out just today. you can find anthony's "citycycling" check it out if you've got the time. and if you don't
have the time right at this very moment than make sure to come back when
you've got the time to check this out – he put mad amounts of time into this
and it's awesome. thanks anthony!