Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bags & Bike Shelves

Actually, it's just one bag, and just one shelf... but I thought plural sounded better.

Urban City Bike Shelves sent us their handmade bike shelf to review. It's real purty, made out of Cherry and all, and it holds your bike...and it's a shelf! Handmade in the USA. check them out:

Mission Workshop sent us The Rummy, their medium sized rolltop messenger bag. These guys know their shit, and their bags definitely back it up. The Rummy is no exception. Pockets, options, made in the good ol' US of A, by bikers, for bikers. Lifetime Guarantee as always, so you know you'll never have anything to worry about for the rest of your life, unless you happened to get jumped by a gangload of machete wielding thugs that slice you to shreds...but I have a feeling The Rummy would fare better than you...or me for that matter!

Be back soon with full reviews & more!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Our friends at Marin just put this out, & I think it's pretty rad... Not to mention affordable, and with decent components to boot!

This is what Marin has to say about it: URBAN Series : The Marin Urban series may be the most versatile bikes on the block. Mountain bike tough, but designed for an asphalt world. Available with 26" or 29" wheels to suite every rider's needs with durable frames in both aluminum and cromoly that boast ample tire clearance for street or mountain tread tires. Durable wheels and componentry allow riders to jump curbs during the week and explore backroads and trails on the weekend.

I haven't had the chance to ride one yet, but it looks pretty rad & like it's lots of fun too! Dig the 29's on the street & dual disc brakes are great. Carbon fork & aluminum frame to save on weight.
Pretty killer from the get go.

The only thing that would make it sweeter to me from first looks would be an 8 or 11 spd. internal hub, but I can work with a deraillieur & 9 speeds just the same.

Looks great! Check out more here: and ask your local dealer to get some in!

I've got a single spd. 29'er for the street & love it. Big wheels are the bomb.

Thanks Marin!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday...

Got this info from our friends over at the Chainlink (.org) in their weekly newsletter today & thought I'd share it with our readers too, even though I REALLY hate to bite, but this is important stuff!!! And even though this was written for Chicago riders, it's still chock full of great advice. Also, almost every town has a bike registry, and it's always wise to register your bike.

Personally, back in the late 80's, my GT Pro Performer got swiped, and even though it was registered, it was never recovered (and that was also when I personally started to lose faith in the police, even though I know now that MOST bikes ARE NOT RECOVERED). There's still a hole in my heart where that bike fits.
I'd love to get another one just because... if I ever came across it & had the extra cash... hot pink with Skyway Mags... straight dope...straight DOPE! ...and straight jacked. Adios.
I found it in our paper for $200 with the mags & the spoked wheelset too... It was a dream come true.

What to do if Your Bike is Stolen

Your bike is stolen and you want it back. One place in Chicago where stolen bikes have been spotted is the Swap O Rama at 4100 S. Ashland. If you do decide to check out the swap for your stolen bike, here are some pointers:

Be safe: Watch your surroundings, go with at least 1 other person (ideally someone who has been there before), trust your instincts.

Bring documentation: Copy of your police report, or police report number, copy of your receipt (if you have it), pictures of the bike, pictures of you with the bike, a detailed description of the bike.

Don't buy back a stolen bike: If it is yours, this isn't necessary. Paying rewards theft!!!

Act casual: Everyone does this differently. Sellers with stolen property may pack up if they think they are going to be busted. More than likely, you can identify your bike from a distance.

Check booths, the aisles where some people roll around bikes and also the parking lot. Bikes can be in many locations in the swap and can move around...

If you see your bike:
- Don't talk to the seller or ask any questions.
- Have at least 1 person keep an eye on the bike.
- Have someone else call 911.
-Take the police to your stolen bike and have them check the serial number or other verifying details.
-Confronting with official assistance will minimize risk to yourself.

Know that hundreds of bikes (and parts) are stolen annually in Chicago (and everywhere else), however only a small number are recovered.
-Do what you can, but don't beat yourself up if you aren't one of the lucky ones.
-Don't forget to check Craigslist. It may be listed there as well.

If you are interested in getting involved in a concerted effort to recover stolen bikes and fight bike theft, check out Chainlink Bike Theft Task Force. More tips, tricks and the additional write-ups on the latest stolen bike recovery story can also be found at : Checklist for Bike Ownership, Balloon Biker, Active Tran's Blog and Let's Go Ride A Bike.

---Thanks Chainlink!

Going to try & get a review or two up over the weekend- been kind of a crazy week to say the least... Glad it's the weekend!!!



Monday, March 07, 2011

(Philadelphia, PA) March 7, 2011 - GEOX-TMC received the news they had been waiting for Monday: The pro-continental squad snubbed by the Tour de France will get their chance at Italy's coveted pink jersey.

Giro Director Angelo Zomegnan officially extended GEOX-TMC a wild-card invitation to the Giro d'Italia Monday.

"We deserve it," Sport Director Joxean Matxin Fernández told VeloNews. "We will have one of the strongest teams for the Giro. We have both Carlos and Denis, both of whom have won grand tours and will be among the favorites for overall victory."

Upon learning of the ASO's disappointing decision in January, GEOX-TMC immediately shifted its focus to the Tour of Italy. And instead of opting to join a team already in the Tour, GEOX-TMC's superstars Carlos Sastre and Denis Menchov not only pledged their commitment to the team, they vowed to win the Giro.

And it's not exactly a pipe-dream for the 2008 Tour de France Champion and 2009 Giro d'Italia winner.

"They feel they can win it, and so do we," said Pat Cunnane, president of Advanced Sports International, the parent company of Fuji Bikes - official bike sponsor of GEOX-TMC.

"We are absolutely thrilled, and somewhat relieved, that the team will have the opportunity to race in Italy's most prestigious race, and with the way they've been riding so far, I'm liking their chances," he added.

Fresh off their first victory of the season with Matteo Pelucchi's 1st place finish at the Clasica de Almeria and Denis Menchov's podium finish at this weekend's Vuelta a Murcia, GEOX-TMC is poised for a great Giro run.

Be sure to check out the team blog for all the behind-the-scenes action as GEOX-TMC makes its push to the Giro. is your one-stop spot for all insider scoop, race results, rider interviews, and exclusive photos of Fuji's sponsored teams.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

So yeah, we're all back after the Cycle Swap in Chicago (above: our table- click for the big version!) this past weekend- thanks to all the people who stopped by, and made it possible for me to make it home after a paypal glitch on the way down that got my account froze...hence the missing buttons for a few days.

Things turned out fine in the end, and for the best. I also got to hang out with Cole & Derek, my two best friends in the world for the past 17 years, and possibly the two single greatest people on earth! Love those dudes.... Makes home a little bittersweet without them, but it's all good, and this is about bikes, so I digress.

And it's been awhile since we posted reviews, and I'm working on changing that as we speak! I have 2 reviews for you tonight- both from Aerotech Designs, and made in the USA.

AeroTech Windproof Thermal Cycling Jacket

This is the warmest cycling jacket I've worn to date. Hands down.

Windproof for one to stop the gusts, and a fleece inside to keep you warm and cozy. Also has a high neck, and made of a three-layered breathable fabric, so you're good to go.
AeroTech Thermal Stretch Fleece Exercise Pants (cold weather!)

Tight yet stretchy, beefy, and super comfy. These are rated for 45 degrees, but I've been riding in the 30's and have been finding these to be great (although their riding pants look WAY killer...).

Read more about both...


it's time to shop

we're back up & running, full speed ahead! order at will.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Chrome recently released their Spring Collection for 2011, and it's full of goodness! Check out the video below of the new clip-in Kursr Pro's, & click the links below for more info on the rest of the line!

Spring '11 welcomes to the growing Chrome family...

KURSK PRO ($95): Our top-selling shoe, now clip-in compatible. By far the most unsuspecting cycling shoe ever.

Sherman ($190): Built as a race bag with unique tri-fold system to carry an extra wheel set. Fits about anything. Guaranteed for life.

Buran ($140): Our working professional's integrated laptop messenger bag. Guaranteed for life.

Falcon/Romer ($140/$120): Our original messenger packs, rebuilt to ride better. Still guaranteed for life.

Bishop Wallet ($35): Lock-and-load wallet with full zip closure, internal button-close coin pouch and steel "credit card" bottle opener.

Tobruk ($70): Our classic slip-on, now in white!

-So peep that. The cycle swap in Chicago was great! We'll post on that soon. Also working hard on a payment solution! Any questions, please email me: brandon at 1lesscar dotcom.