Monday, March 14, 2011

Our friends at Marin just put this out, & I think it's pretty rad... Not to mention affordable, and with decent components to boot!

This is what Marin has to say about it: URBAN Series : The Marin Urban series may be the most versatile bikes on the block. Mountain bike tough, but designed for an asphalt world. Available with 26" or 29" wheels to suite every rider's needs with durable frames in both aluminum and cromoly that boast ample tire clearance for street or mountain tread tires. Durable wheels and componentry allow riders to jump curbs during the week and explore backroads and trails on the weekend.

I haven't had the chance to ride one yet, but it looks pretty rad & like it's lots of fun too! Dig the 29's on the street & dual disc brakes are great. Carbon fork & aluminum frame to save on weight.
Pretty killer from the get go.

The only thing that would make it sweeter to me from first looks would be an 8 or 11 spd. internal hub, but I can work with a deraillieur & 9 speeds just the same.

Looks great! Check out more here: and ask your local dealer to get some in!

I've got a single spd. 29'er for the street & love it. Big wheels are the bomb.

Thanks Marin!