Wednesday, March 02, 2011

So yeah, we're all back after the Cycle Swap in Chicago (above: our table- click for the big version!) this past weekend- thanks to all the people who stopped by, and made it possible for me to make it home after a paypal glitch on the way down that got my account froze...hence the missing buttons for a few days.

Things turned out fine in the end, and for the best. I also got to hang out with Cole & Derek, my two best friends in the world for the past 17 years, and possibly the two single greatest people on earth! Love those dudes.... Makes home a little bittersweet without them, but it's all good, and this is about bikes, so I digress.

And it's been awhile since we posted reviews, and I'm working on changing that as we speak! I have 2 reviews for you tonight- both from Aerotech Designs, and made in the USA.

AeroTech Windproof Thermal Cycling Jacket

This is the warmest cycling jacket I've worn to date. Hands down.

Windproof for one to stop the gusts, and a fleece inside to keep you warm and cozy. Also has a high neck, and made of a three-layered breathable fabric, so you're good to go.
AeroTech Thermal Stretch Fleece Exercise Pants (cold weather!)

Tight yet stretchy, beefy, and super comfy. These are rated for 45 degrees, but I've been riding in the 30's and have been finding these to be great (although their riding pants look WAY killer...).

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