Thursday, December 21, 2006


we got an email today from Lane at CETMAracks, a one man racking crew! Lane makes some sweet looking heavy duty racks for the front of your bike and these things look like they can handle quite the load. check out his website at he's sending us a rack, as we speak, to try out and run through the gauntlet. look for a review of the CETMAracks on our review page real soon. this guy sounds super nice, genuine and willing to do anything to lend a hand. check him out.

this is the first time i think i've used capital letters on any post of any sort. go me!

- derek

Thursday, December 14, 2006

we've finally managed to eat enough ramen and rice to afford some advertising, i think. the plan is to advertise in d.i.y. /indpendent print media, that way we can start building working relationships with (and in turn help support) more underground publications, rather than handing things back to the over-abundant faceless corporations that dominate our landscapes. yes, the mom and pops still exist among the strip malls packed with barnes and nobles, starbucks, and best buys. anyway, we're compiling a list of various zines and independent newspaper types, even some websites and we're looking for help in adding more to that list. if you have any ideas, or have a zine or paper that has ad space for sale let us know. i put something up on our myspace about it and people were pretty quick getting back to me with a huge range of ideas that i hadn't thought of. i figure if two heads are better than one than 300,000 are better than everything! you can get back to me at or too. thanks for wading through this. we appreciate it. take care out there.

- derek

Monday, December 11, 2006

new sticker

we got so excited about our new hats we forgot to mention our new sticker,so here it is.

Friday, December 01, 2006

whoa! new hats. . .

we did it. we took the plunge. uh huh. they'll be up on the website soon, so keep an eye out. what you'll see is a military hat, in black and khaki-kinda olive green, with a one less car patch hand sewn on. since we have two different colors to choose from we figured we'd offer two different patches to choose from as well. you can get the classic one less car design or the chain ring logo. cole's going to put the pictures up in a few minutes and like i said, once we get the details taken care of they'll be up on the website and read for ordering.