Wednesday, February 25, 2009

back again, but with a special bonus! today, and today only, all
shirts are only $10.00 each! no limit either, so stock up while
they're on the cheap! talk about stimulating the economy, it just
doesn't get much better than this. it's the "let's get brandon to
chicago sale"!!! don't snooze on this one, or you're gonna be sorry.
tell your friends... get mom and dad to get ya those birthday presents
early!!! this is a one time, one day deal. we've never sold our shirts
for such a ridiculously low price, and probably won't do it again!!!

also, a few more reviews up this week- we've got a rad bag from blaq,
a really nice hoodie from horny toad, and brandon's long awaited, long
over-due, winter whip review!!! featuring a bunch of goods from the
good peoples at wheel and sprocket in milwaukee, more from planet
bike, swobo, and cantitoe road!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


brandon did his part and had the reviews up- technically wed., but i
needed some sleep and took an those things really do
work! while i'm not sure if i made a meal in the middle of the night,
it still knocked me out! i slept through brandon's email, so this week
they will be thursday reviews. -cole

11:14 pm est. only 8:14 on the left coast. wednesday reviews are up
and still ago! it's been a long day, but we made it. this week we've
got stuff from IRO, OnGuard Locks, Kneesavers, and a bunch of reviews
that are way late from leslie's trip to toronto way back in... when
was that again? our apologies- but she did bring back some sweet
diggs- great stuff from Fabric Horse, Girl Bike Dog, Under the
Weather, and Dank Bags... stay tuned, and thanks for reading- new
shirt on the way soon!!! -brandon

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new reviews

happy Wednesday, hump day, or whatever you wanna call it these days.
it's the middle of the week, and we're here to help you make it
through to the end. over the next few months, we're going to be doing
a few new things- we've always done reviews, but from now on, we're
gonna do reviews each and every Wednesday, keeping you in the know on
what's new and what's hot, and sometimes, what's not. but it's
something to count on. something to look forward to... so become a
follower of our blog, be our myspace friend, or facebook friend, and
who knows- we might even have some tweets on twitter too! stay tuned
and stay informed!

this week, we've got some goods from crank brothers, woody's fenders,a book review of Ghost Trails, and something from our friends on the other side of the pond at 1lesscar in the UK! and next week, we've got more goods coming from
swrve, kneesavers, a traitor update, new bikes, and more!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

lake winter boots

I came home the other day, walked in the door, and proclaimed to all my roommates that these boots are the best thing for winter cycling I have ever had and i'm pissed I have been screwing around all these years without them! Strong statement I know.

I emailed Lake asking about reviewing their winter boots, thinking there is no way, but I always give it a shot. They got back to me right away and said they would be more then happy to let me test out a pair for the winter and they would ship me a pair or I could ride up there Evanston office and pick them. I chose to go for the ride- I always like it when I can meet the people behind the products. The office was small and the people super nice- I got a peek at all the other shoes and really dug the cyclcross shoes. I was given my boots and a pack of nikwax to protect them. They were out of regular width so I got wide width. I have never had a need for wide width but the boots fit nice, so if your feet are wide at all I would go with the wide width. The boa lacing is really nice- you can adjust it to fit perfect without much effort and they stay tight. With the push of a button the lace releases and you can pop the boots right off. They come with toe spikes if you need them too! I kind of want to put them on just to check them out, but am yet to do so.

I have worn these boots in the slush that winter has brought us here in Chicago and my feet have stayed dry as could be. I wore them the other day when I was pedicabbing out it the 19-degree weather, and I have to say my feet got pretty cold. I don’t think it has much to do with the boots- let’s face it- in 19 degree weather, unless you have some serious winter boots on, your feet are going to get cold. I also didn’t have wool socks on, and when I got home my boots were wet inside. I think I sweated and that’s what got cold…always wear wool. I remedied this situation the next time out by buying some of those chemical hand warmers, and when my feet started to get cold I put them in my boots and rode in the 12-degree weather with warm feet. I was serious when I told my roommates they’re the best things for winter cycling I have ever owned. So just suck up the price, buy a pair- you will have happy feet all winter long!!!