Thursday, February 19, 2009


brandon did his part and had the reviews up- technically wed., but i
needed some sleep and took an those things really do
work! while i'm not sure if i made a meal in the middle of the night,
it still knocked me out! i slept through brandon's email, so this week
they will be thursday reviews. -cole

11:14 pm est. only 8:14 on the left coast. wednesday reviews are up
and still ago! it's been a long day, but we made it. this week we've
got stuff from IRO, OnGuard Locks, Kneesavers, and a bunch of reviews
that are way late from leslie's trip to toronto way back in... when
was that again? our apologies- but she did bring back some sweet
diggs- great stuff from Fabric Horse, Girl Bike Dog, Under the
Weather, and Dank Bags... stay tuned, and thanks for reading- new
shirt on the way soon!!! -brandon