Tuesday, February 10, 2009

lake winter boots

I came home the other day, walked in the door, and proclaimed to all my roommates that these boots are the best thing for winter cycling I have ever had and i'm pissed I have been screwing around all these years without them! Strong statement I know.

I emailed Lake asking about reviewing their winter boots, thinking there is no way, but I always give it a shot. They got back to me right away and said they would be more then happy to let me test out a pair for the winter and they would ship me a pair or I could ride up there Evanston office and pick them. I chose to go for the ride- I always like it when I can meet the people behind the products. The office was small and the people super nice- I got a peek at all the other shoes and really dug the cyclcross shoes. I was given my boots and a pack of nikwax to protect them. They were out of regular width so I got wide width. I have never had a need for wide width but the boots fit nice, so if your feet are wide at all I would go with the wide width. The boa lacing is really nice- you can adjust it to fit perfect without much effort and they stay tight. With the push of a button the lace releases and you can pop the boots right off. They come with toe spikes if you need them too! I kind of want to put them on just to check them out, but am yet to do so.

I have worn these boots in the slush that winter has brought us here in Chicago and my feet have stayed dry as could be. I wore them the other day when I was pedicabbing out it the 19-degree weather, and I have to say my feet got pretty cold. I don’t think it has much to do with the boots- let’s face it- in 19 degree weather, unless you have some serious winter boots on, your feet are going to get cold. I also didn’t have wool socks on, and when I got home my boots were wet inside. I think I sweated and that’s what got cold…always wear wool. I remedied this situation the next time out by buying some of those chemical hand warmers, and when my feet started to get cold I put them in my boots and rode in the 12-degree weather with warm feet. I was serious when I told my roommates they’re the best things for winter cycling I have ever owned. So just suck up the price, buy a pair- you will have happy feet all winter long!!!


Crank said...

Absolutely in agreement. Have had a pair for three years now, La Crosse Wisconsin. Ride all year, and these babies have never, repeat never, let me down. I had a problem with my other pair of MTB Lake shoes, where the strap system had broken. Called, awesome customer service, 2 new buckles in no time, no charge. Genuine people who care. Nuff said.