Wednesday, February 25, 2009

back again, but with a special bonus! today, and today only, all
shirts are only $10.00 each! no limit either, so stock up while
they're on the cheap! talk about stimulating the economy, it just
doesn't get much better than this. it's the "let's get brandon to
chicago sale"!!! don't snooze on this one, or you're gonna be sorry.
tell your friends... get mom and dad to get ya those birthday presents
early!!! this is a one time, one day deal. we've never sold our shirts
for such a ridiculously low price, and probably won't do it again!!!

also, a few more reviews up this week- we've got a rad bag from blaq,
a really nice hoodie from horny toad, and brandon's long awaited, long
over-due, winter whip review!!! featuring a bunch of goods from the
good peoples at wheel and sprocket in milwaukee, more from planet
bike, swobo, and cantitoe road!!!