Thursday, October 15, 2009

back as promised!

word! new reviews this week from Bellwether and SOG Knives. good stuff. i'm saving the news for tomorrow!!! come back & see some rad stuff going on in the bike world... til then- brandon

Bellwether Sleeveless Base Layer

Bellwether was kind enough to send along a couple products for us to check out. They sent us this shirt and a rain jacket- Brandon got everything, but sent this my way. He knew I was looking for a base layer to wear under my bibs, so he hooked me up with the sleeveless base layer. Read More...

SOG Field Pup Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath

I can't wait to take this on our next tour- I think it's going to be the perfect knife for any outdoor application. With a 4" fixed blade it's the right length to get just about any job done. Not to mention sharp as hell! Read More...

See you soon!!!

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