Thursday, October 22, 2009

Remember awhile back- not that long ago when i was tellin' y'all 'bout the collab between SE Bikes and The Hundreds? well, they're at it again- this time hooking up with Crooks & castles to make this:

The 26" OM Flyer SE, only 300 made, super limited, with a MSRP of $750...SE also has another collab with DC.

And speakin' of crooks, someone stole derek's sister kim's gold Velocity wheels right in front of her workplace...lookout chicago!

I had to wait on my review this week for political reasons, but Cole came through and gives us his first impressions of Melon's Slice- a folder! We're stoked about that! Here's my dog Rowan chillin' with the Slice!

I always used to laugh at folding bikes, but with Amtrak screwing me on taking my full size bike when I vist my parents I thought a foliding bike would be the solution. Read more...

So there's monday's news, wednesday's reviews, and i'll be back with a software review (software!? -yeah-i said it.) in the next day or two. it's done, i just gotta wait.