Tuesday, October 13, 2009

...the day i got caught slippin'


"Easy E, were ya eva caught slippin?"

wish I could say the same. it's the 13th- i totally put reviews up last week, but was up way late doing it and was going to post here the next day. tomorrow came and went...and went...and went, until today when i was all "HOLE-E-CRAP! ...and i realized that I GOT CAUGHT SLIPPIN'. straight slippin'. damn.

i was letting my personal life affect my business, and that ain't cool. short story, i got the boot from one of my bands (because I live 2 hrs. away), and it kinda screwed me up. i'll spare you the long version...but the procrastination-

for that, my apologies.

so let's get back to business, the way things should be. because we get the goods, and with the goods comes responsibilities. it's not only my duty, but my passion. I love OLC, where it came from to where it's at, it's philosophy and it's mission. I really believe in OLC. I really love bikes, and this is what it's all about.

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So, here's LAST week's reviews- we'll be back tomorrow

Tri-Flow Lubricants: Degreaser/Superior Lubricant/Grease

Tri-Flow sent Cole and I each a huge box of their products to test out- I decided I should show my mtb some love. It's been... umm...well? yeah- that long. It needed some attention- probably a complete overhaul, but for today, I just wanted to get the chain ring/chain/cogs cleaned and lubed, and I also wanted to switch out my pedals for a pair of Crank Bros. Eggbeaters I got on the cheap via Ebay. Read more...

Misfit Psycles ME2 Bars

These are the other handlebars that Misfit Psycles sent along (I previously reviewed the FU-2 bars)- I've been meaning to throw these on for awhile now and I took the advice on the package and threw these puppies on my mtb. Great advice- it's almost more like riding a big bmx bike now than a mtb- it's pretty rad- makes me jones to try out a 29"er!!! Read more...

So come back tomorrow & we'll be back with a couple more reviews, and some news too!

Cole is on his way back to MI to build some bates crates! If things work out right, we're gonna hook up & build crates together. I hope so. If you haven't seen 'em, check it out: batescrates.com!!! if they were liquid, i'd call 'em pimp juice, but they're wood...pimp box? damn. my pimp game is off! seriously though, they're top notch, hand made, wooden porter crates...and they've got cup holders to boot!!! hells yeah- cole really brought it with these crates. on the real. 100% pure class. Made from some of the finest materials out there with care and love. Ask your local dealer to stock them! Wholesale orders are available! Two models- The Original and The Model T...the latter made for Trek and fits their new Bellvue model!

Oh yeah- the new special...check it- 1 of every sticker we have in stock for $5 measly bucks. can't beat it! but where do i find this special? either follow me ( @greezus ) or cole ( @1morebike ) on twitter. the special will be posted there some time tomorrow, so if you're not following us already, or not even on twitter, now is the perfect time to start! It's only gonna be up a couple weeks, so take advantage while you can peoples, take advantage while you can! ...and we'll see you soon!