Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's been a late night-

it's almost 3AM my time- my tall boy of high life is down to the shwill...listening to johnny hobo and the freight trains on -screwed the day away and i've been plugging away at work tonight, writing, and editing, and so forth, and I think we've got some good stuff this week! Cole's reviewing bars from Origin 8, i've got a rad top tube velo-pocket from Hambone Designs, and as promised Cole's mom got a hold of the Dream from Day 6 and has something to say about here we go- see ya soon! brandon or @greezus on twitter (hint!) and cole is @1morebike (hint!).

Oh yeah- the sale is still up until next week. We got busy, so here's an extra shot at making out on some stuff while it's on sale! and don't forget about the FREE Topeak flypaper! look to the left for more details...i'm gonna be upset if there's nothing on the left about it...if not, scroll down, but i think i'm good on that...i hope.

Origin 8 Pro Lite 2 Carbon Ergo Road bars

Origin 8 sent me set of their carbon bars to test out and I was totally stoked on it. I have an older Trek 1500 that I totally like and am in the process of making lighter and faster, plus its an aluminum frame, so adding some carbon will help with the stiff ride.

The bars are pretty nice- they come in 3 widths so what ever your shoulders are they've got you covered. My shoulders are pretty wide, so I went with 42 mm. I mounted the bars with excitement and went out for a ride. Read More...

Hambone Designs Top Tube Velo-Pocket

Hambone Designs sent me a black leather, Top Tube Velo-Pocket, and it's way rad. It's basically an envelope more or less. It's got two straps for the top tube and one more that attaches to the down tube. Then a large flap that folds over the top tube and snaps the whole thing shut. It's a really great idea that works really well.

Hambone makes them in all flavors including animal friendly materials. Personally, I like my rock to roll until it crumbles apart and my leather real...and black, so I was stoked to get this in the mail- just my style! I've been using it to keep a couple wrenches, a small Crank Bros. pump and multi-tool, and a pack of Topeak's Fly Paper. Can't forget the tire levers either- pretty much everything to fix a flat if needed, along with anything else that I don't want in my pockets...keeping them bulk-free while I ride. Read more...

and we take one last look at Day 6's Dream -21spd comfort bike

-stop back soon! lots of good stuff happening!!! unfortunately we can't make it to Ibike this year- sorry Vegas. hopefully next year, but in the meantime cole and I are hoping to do another 3-4 day tour next month- we've both got some great stuff to take out on the road and can't wait to test!!!

and if all goes as planned i'm gonna try my hand at cyclocross saturday!!!