Friday, September 04, 2009

this week's reviews

alright- it's all me this me this week- i reviewed the front Aerospoke track wheel of the set (I explain in the review), and take another look at Day 6's Dream- 21spd comfort bike!

cole and i have been talking and we're going to be updating this thing at least three times a week, so stop back soon...


Aerospoke Track Wheel -front

I've been wanting to test a set of these for awhile now, and it's my lucky month!

Michigan is the birthplace of One Less Car. The MC5 were from Michigan too. Iggy...a bunch of things that I think we can all agree rock. Col. Potter from MASH was born here was I- so was Cole, and Derek too. The list goes on & on...Michigan is a special place. Is it just a coincidence Aerospokes are made in Michigan? I don't think so, but that's another story altogether.

If you've been following our blog, you probably know that the lock ring wrench (that will go unnamed) I borrowed didn't hold up long enough to unscrew my lock ring, forcing a spoke to go into my finger, and also making me a dick- sometimes I don't have the best of luck... I don't know why I've been waiting until I could put them both on to start checking them out- the least I could do is rock the front wheel- and rock it I have been! Read more...

Day 6 Dream 21spd comfort bike

So I've had some more time to spend riding the Dream around, and it's been a great time. Its just a totally different feeling sitting up and being able to sit comfortable! I can't deny that! I got stopped twice today complimenting my bike! That's always a good feeling! It's a fun time to ride, and can go pretty much anywhere. I wouldn't go completely off road with it, but it handles fine on trails too. Like I said the first time, it's still more difficult to climb REALLY big hills- but it can be done! I think this bike would be great for anyone living in a moderately level area with small-medium sized hills. Read more...