Wednesday, September 09, 2009

it's my lucky day!

at least that's what my fortune said from my fortune cookie this past sunday- three days from now will be your lucky day. let's see...i climbed a ladder next to a pair tree on our farm. as soon as i was down, a pear fell from the tree and hit me on the head- hard. I'm seriously starting to think about full time head protection. but i did get a package of cd's from crafty records today to review for my music site, -my host got attacked and my site with it, so i'm in the middle of rebuilding and just the blog in it's sorry state is up- but that will all change soon.

but you came here to read about bikes, not about my good- or bad fortune. so cole is in michigan this week- he even came to visit yesterday. his mom now has day 6's 21 spd dream comfort bike to test out, so we'll have her opinion before too long. she had knee surgery not too long ago and needed something with a low step-thru. the dream is perfect, and so far she loves it.

i also had a yard sale the last four days, and haven't been able to get much done in any other areas, but luckily cole came through for us this week with a review of:

The Cross Canada Project DVD

Mike Beauchamp is a really likeable guy. Being a bike tourer, people always ask about my trip when I get back. I always wish I could video tape and show them the highlights just so they could see what you go through. Well, Mike did just that. He decided to ride his bike across Canada a videotape it. Read More...

That's it for tonight. I'll have my life somewhat back together in time for next week's reviews, but check back before then...lots of exciting bike news has been coming our way...we've got news from bianchi, a super limited collab between SE & LA clothing company the hundreds...stay tuned!!!