Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First- damn! This bike is soooo dope!!!! The shirts are pretty rad too- I've been a fan of The Hundreds for quite a few years now. Man...only 300 & hand numbered...that's so rad- and at a great price! About $650. Usually rad + limited doesn't = cheap! What an opportunity.

I've had a few good opportunities come my way lately & haven't been able to take advantage. September just hasn't been my month- I swear. I'm too nice- I wish I was a thug & I'd be first on the list!!! But nah...it's not my style. Plus I'm not buff enough. Although years back when I had a lot of facial piercings & worked at the local grocery store a little girl in a dress walked around the corner, saw me, and ran back around- I kept walking that way to find a puddle of pee on the floor! Good times.

Seriously though- I bet they'll sell out quick as all hell. It's so smooth! I haven't danced and sang Michael Jackson at the same time since the early 80's, and I never dug the "it's black/it's white" tune, but for some reason this bike makes me wanna sing it loud while riding it down the street- maybe even do a little dance at the first stop sign! Hands down, one of the coolest PK Looptails ever. No doubt.

Looks like the perfect bike for killin' everything in the streets and hitting the back yard dirt jumps in between- in total styyyyyyle! Visit sebikes.com for more info!