Monday, March 30, 2009

the end of my street credit

Its weird how things work. I recently traded one of my fixed gear
bikes for a road bike. the road bike is now my new daily ride. I did
it for a few reasons- one, being that my knees were killing me (and
yes I had the right saddle height and all the other crap), another was
because I started wanting to ride further distances and even though I
could do it on a fixed gear it would be a lot more uncomfortable. I
believe you need the right tool for the right job.

What’s weird is the looks I get now- they're the same looks I got
years ago when people realized I didn’t have gears. I’m just waiting
for someone to ask “so, you just pull those levers on the handle bars
and it slows you down?”.

edit: the bike i got is a trek 1500,it evens has the discovery channel paint job.

edit#2: its the paint job its a little to flashy for me. the bikes itself is totally into the way it accelerates,two turns of the cranks and your up to speed and climbing is too easy.


Liam said...

what kind of bike did you end up with?

Eric said...

Discovery Channel? Trek? Too corporate! The 1500's a sweet ride though. i turned one into a 1 x 9 and it was a really decent city ride.

Jeremy said...

I can't say anything bad b\c I've been riding an old school (1992) carbon Trek with gears for a minute now.