Saturday, January 24, 2009


things have been a little quiet here at one less car, and while i miss
the money, the free time is good. it's given us a chance to work on
few new things and perfect some old here are the updates.

the yard sale is still going- i've sold a few things and added a
couple more, so check it out! and if you don't like the price, email
me with an never know!

next up, we now have a facebook for one less car clothing, so for all
you facebookers out there, we should hang out! its bare bones right
now but we will get it into shape in no time! try this link:
if it dosen't work (it should- i just copied & pasted it in a new
window and it was fine!) just search one less car clothing and you
will see us. don't forget- we also have a myspace:
and a flicker account that you can upload your photos to!

we also have a newsletter that you can sign up for on the left side of
our main page

we are working on some new stuff for spring and these all really great
ways to get updates from us and know when new stuff hits or when we
have sales. plus, you can always send me messages and what not
because its fun to b.s. with everyone.

ok- that's it for now... oh wait! i also have a twitter, but i think
it's lame and don't ever want to do it again! (i totally agree-
brandon) i wont even bother giving you the link, twitter is that