Wednesday, January 07, 2009

porter crate

While home for the holidays, I took the chance to make a new porter
box. This is number two that I have made, and I have tried something
new. The idea behind this one is let's say you want to be a nice guy
and get you and your girlfriend/wife/partner a cup of coffee and some
pastries from your favorite bakery. This crate will carry two cups of
coffee/tea/hot chocolate/fountain soda and have room for what ever
else you decide to buy. The size is 16 inches across, 12 inches deep,
and 7 inches tall. I'm not completely happy with the wood i used. I
used aspen- it looked cool, but once I started working with it, it
seemed a little soft, but its ok. I'm not sure if I will make another
one of these- the whole cup holder thing was very time consuming, so
we will see. I would have liked to take pics of it on my rack so you
could see how it looks, but that just isn't going to happen... see
post below for the reason why, and email me for more info.


Anonymous said...

bummer on the theft. really neat porter box.