Wednesday, August 26, 2009

contest winner & more...

...and the winner of the Bianchi San Jose Pro is (insert drum roll here) Rob Milton from London England. Rob actually got really lucky- We forgot to put "only open to residents of the US" (due to shipping costs) on the page- But fair is fair, so as soon as we can, we'll be shipping it off to him congrats to Rob and thanks to everyone that entered!

We have more good stuff happening in the weeks and months ahead!!!

So review wise this week, I was planning on reviewing the Aerospoke wheels this week- Derek was in town from chicago and brought a lock ring wrench with him...and I stripped it on the first try- also inserting a spoke into my about torque! I've been using Sportique's Road Rash Remedy on it- similar to Neosporin, but way better- so if we didn't review that particular Sportique product in the past, it comes in a little tube small enough to carry around and works wonders on cuts/scrapes/burns...check it out.

Cole reviews Bianchi's San Jose Pro one last time before sending it off, and I got a nice package from Profile Design/Bellwether the other day, so this week I'm reviewing Bellwether's Screaming Meemie Rain Jacket.

We're going to try and update the blog more than once a week, and if you haven't noticed we've got our facebook link up and for a good time Cole and I both have our twitter links up- follow either or hell- both of us! and then we still have that myspace that we probably need to check more frequently, and the flikr widget on the left over there is for you to show show 'em whatchya gots!

So here's the reviews for the week, and we'll be back soon!

Bianchi San Jose Pro

Bianchi was very kind to send us a San Jose Pro to review. From the very first ride I knew this was a great bike to ride around the city. While this bike is a cross bike set up to go racing it really works well in the city.

The first thing you will notice is the smooth as butter ride, between the carbon fork, carbon seat post and steel frame. This bike is built to take the abuse of cyclecross, so it’s well suited for the “streets” of Chicago. The rims are burly enough to take the potholes and railroad tracks, and with the cyclocross geometry the occasional bunny hop is not out of the question. Read More...

Bellwether Screamin' Meemie Rain Jacket

I got this baby just in time- the very next day a storm came through and it rained all day- perfect time for a ride to test this out!
The Screaming Meemie is a well built, translucent, polyurethane rain jacket. Zip front with a hidden zipper, elastic waist and cuffs, a mock neck, and a beefy drop tail in the back- plenty long enough to keep your tail dry! Read More...