Friday, August 07, 2009

so i found this today!

On the item that Detroit radio station WCSX had an anti-bike segment on one
of their shows, it is true. It was on the morning of August 5 on the
Deminski and Doyle "show". My favorite is how they are encouraging people to
"Lob something at their (bicyclists) heads".

The "show" can be downloaded at You
can also go to the WCSX webpage and try the podcast link at and look for the bicyclists item.

FYI - I am forwarding this to the League of Michigan Bicyclists and League
of American Bicyclists.

Bob Krzewinski
Washtenaw Bicycling and Walking Coalition

PS - If you want to email WCSX management, use theboss@wcsx. If you want to
call them, try 248-398-9470.

To copy in their radio chain top management, email
WCSX likes for people think they are a local "family" station, but they part
of a chain owned by Greater Media Inc. out of Massachusetts. The corporate
number is 781-348-8600.


b said...

I actually had stuff thrown at me yesterday while riding around in Brooklyn. Not lobbed. Thrown. A couple apples whizzed past my head so I just got the hell out of there.

Cully_J said...

As a cyclists who was hit and put into a coma by a pickup truck, I'm absolutely disgusted with the podcast!

Road rage against cyclists cannot be justified!

Anonymous said...

here in colorado the legislature actually had to pass a law making such blatant disregard for others saftey an illegal activity.

while i applaude this action, what i find disturbing is the fact it has to be a law to make something so obviously harmful to another human being. WTF are turning into?

Anonymous said...

Leave D&D alone stop the hate!

Zach Reed said...

I just commented on the site, I'm hoping I get some feed back.

P.S. I just ordered the "your SUV makes you look fat" sticker. Can't wait to rep that.

bicynicalist said...

Some F*wad DJs in the Bay area did a similar segment encouraging drivers to open their doors and hit motorcycles. I don't understand these people.