Thursday, August 13, 2009

review time!

so cole's still on the train to portland, and i'm back with reviews as promised! don't forget- there's only 2 days left to enter to win the Bianchi San Jose Pro!!!

first up is the Dream 21, a semi-recumbent from Day 6 Comfort Bicycles and Derek reviews some rad new tires from Fyxation. I also got my wheels from Aerospoke- straight from the paint shop and they're soooo HOTT!!! i'm getting a cog this weekend & slapping some tires on, so hopefully those will be up next week!

without further a do...

Day 6 Comfort Bicycles: Dream 21 Semi-Recumbent Bicycle

I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting things to review, and one day I came across Day 6- after a few emails and a phone call, we decided that the Dream would be the bike for me to test.

Day 6 makes two versions of their semi-recumbent bike- a 7 speed with an internal hub (Journey), and the Dream 21 speed. Optional components include backrest, fenders, and a rear rack. They were kind enough to send everything but the fenders!

Fyxation Session 700 tires

The guys at Fyxation sent us some of the session 700 tires to test out and I gave them to Derek to test being that he rides his bike into the ground every time he goes out. He put the tires on and a few hours later I got this text: Read More...