Friday, August 21, 2009

and the winner is...

sorry to the people that have been wondering about the contest- yes- it is over and a winner has been picked- however, cole is out of town at the moment, and i'm waiting on the word to post the winner...but the winner has been picked and notified, so you know who you are!!! we'll let everyone know soon who it is, but i have to keep it a secret this week. thanks for entering, and congrats to the winner who again, will be posted shortly!!!

there were also no reviews this week, but a pair of Aerospoke wheels showed up- I wanted to review them this week, but i don't have a lockring wrench and can't get access to one until this upcoming weekend, so hopefully next week.

we also got a huge box of stuff from the folks at tri-flow lubricants, so we'll be talking a lot about those in the weeks to come!

again, thanks for entering the contest and thanks for reading! check back next week for the reviews... we've also got a folding bike coming from Dahon, and a few more surprises up our sleeves!