Monday, November 02, 2009

justice...sort of.

so with 2 1/2 weeks left in chicago, i walk out to find both gold rims missing from my bike. the scene of the crime was milwaukee, north and damen right in front of the salon i've been working at and parking my bike in front of for the last 4 1/2 years. it is quite a bustling neighborhood between the hours of 5 and 9, so i was pretty taken aback that someone would actually have the balls to pull this off.

the next day i received an email response from the ad i placed on craigslist about a guy who sells deep vs, seems super shady and happened to place a set of gold velocity's the same night mine were stolen and gave me his name and number if i wanted to try to nab him. of course i couldn't find the ad and he denied ever posting it so i pretty much gave up hope that i would ever see them again.

next day i get another email from a kid who believes he bought my wheelset the day before for 100 bux. turns out he bought them from the same guy and we set up a time to pick them up from him. yay! (he didn't even bother to remove the blue tires. idiot.) i didn't think it was a good idea but we gave the kid 100 bux anyway since they are worth more than that not only monetarily but sentimentally as well.

i sent the kid a quick email the next day letting him know that i've decided to file a police report but later decided it isn't worth it. in the meantime, he calls and claims that justice was served, i got my rims back and that i should just drop it. that the thief ended up reimbursing him, so of course the only conclusion i can come to is that i've been totally duped by a couple of 20 year old punks and demand my money back or i am turning them both in.

they immediately offered my money back and i am assuming it's for me not go to the police because they know they fucked up. i have no idea if they are in on it together or not, i'm just glad it's worked out to my advantage. lessons learned..i guess..don't ride gold rims, don't put it past the fact that people are willing to make bold moves in very public places, always try to handle situations yourself first with investigative work because most likely a cop isn't going to get your property or your money back for you and watch out for a kid named luke s. selling bike parts on craigslist!

-kim k.