Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yes it is- so at least I've got my days straight!

Stoked I'm going to Chicago to hang with Cole Thursday & get some business done!

I'm also stoked that a Dahon Mu XL Sport showed up at my doorstep monday! I'll tell you all about that tomorrow when Cole and I will be back with more reviews! But I will say I'm pretty excited to be taking a Dahon on the train, getting off at Union Station, and being able to ride to where I need to go without having to deal with boxes and other pains of bringing a bike along on a trip!

Our friends at Cyclelogical (banner to the right) just had one of their shirts picked up by Urban Outfitters and they're pretty stoked on that. I would be too! Congrats! Check them out if you haven't recently.

And I know you've already been checking out Stevil @ allhailtheblackmarket.com since it came out, right?

So stop back tomorrow for some reviews & we'll all get down with that!