Wednesday, November 18, 2009

so as usual, i waited until the last minute to pack for this excursion... i figured i'd spend the night at my grandma's- it's been awhile since i've stopped by, and while here (i'm there now), i'd usurp her interweebs and get some work done.

no such luck. no usurping is happening. she's got some crazy dual modem crap for her phone & pc that i've never seen, has problems with her connection half the time (charter!), and it figures that i can't even plug in.

so unfortunately, reviews will have to wait until tomorrow...

follow my trip on twitter ( @greezus )- i'm bringing the Dahon, and it's gonna be a great time!

and i left my desktop on one night only to return the next day with my google page translated...thanks kitty cats!!! i changed it back to english from spanish, but half the time when i'm posting- no matter where from, after i type it turns to arabic- hence the cramped title...gotta switch from this blogger mess soon!