Wednesday, July 15, 2009

you don't want to miss this!!!

So we've got some HUGE news for you- WE'll have more on it tomorrow, but starting tomorrow through august 15th, everyone that signs up for our newsletter will be entered for a chance to win a Bianchi...that's right! No purchase necessary, no BS- with a big thanks to the fine fols at Bianchi, we've got a bike to give away, and the winner will be randomly picked August 16th from our newsletter subscribers! that's it. sign up for our newsletter- it's a 2 step process- and you just might win yourself a new Bianchi! How rad is that!?!

Now, the reason that there won't be more info until tomorrow is because I thought I had a pic of it (and maybe I do, but I can’t find it...), and I gotsta gets more info from Cole. So I'll have it tonight, and pass it along tomorrow along with any other info about it. open to all ages/races/genders/religious preferences/etc. THIS MEANS YOU!

Speaking of Bianchi, around the time the contest ends, Bianchi will have less than 100 of these limited edition 2009 Pista frame/fork, and we get one to review!

And let's not forget it's wednesday- we didn't! Review day!!!

Up first Cole updates his review of Axiom's Monsoon Panniers

"Just a quick update about these panniers. I had chance to take them on our mini tour and a found out a few more things about them.

First, I used them as front panniers and I know they're rear, but they're a pretty good size for a front in my opinion. One of the problems I saw, and I'm not sure if they do this on front panniers or not- is the handles. There is one on each pannier and they snap together. In theory, a great idea- but when you're going 24 mph down hill and you see those handles flapping dagerously close to your spokes, you start thinking about cutting them off pretty fast." Read More...

Next up, I review Axiom's Journey Series Tubular Alloy Rear Rack

"Cole got this rear rack from Axiom and we threw it on his dad's Trek 7.3 before our 3 day tour, and it handled the job fine.

Weighing in at a mere 700 grams, this rear rack is super light, but super tough with it's triple stay design and sweep-back support for panniers. The stay length is adjustable, fitting 26", 27", and 700cc sizes."Read More...

Then I Review Cyclelogical's Reflective Chopspokes

Remember the review I did a few months back of one of Cyclelogical's backpacks? Well, when they sent that, they sent along these too- their Reflective Chopspokes. Little, round, reflective sticks that snap on the spoke of your choice with ease in a couple seconds. They're pretty sweet and do their job really well, and in my opinion beat the hell outta those old school reflectors..." Read More...

After which Cole and I both have something to say about dznuts...

"Watching the Tour deFrance and seeing Dave Zabriskie, I realized I hadn't done the review for dznuts. It's hard to take something called "dznuts" seriously, and the fact it's chamois cream makes it even harder- I'm laughing just writing this review, but if you ever needed chamois cream its very serious." Read More...

And I wrap it up with some quick words on the Trek 7.3FX

"So this is Cole's Dad's bike that I borrowed for our little trip we made- a Trek 7.3FX. It was my first time riding it- I picked it up the night before our trip, put the rack on, boxed it up, and went to Chicago. If you read our tour stories you know the mini-horror i went through, but come time to go, I was ready and so was the 7.3FX.

With a few slight adjustments- mainly the seat and bars, lubed it up, pumped the tires, and we were ready to go. As loaded down as I was, this bike was smooth and handled well. Shifting was smooth- no problems climbing up long, steep grades, nor any going down wobbles, nothing. Sturdy. The brakes were fine through it all. I really liked the fact that it had thumb/finger shifters as opposed to grip shifts. My mountain bike has them and I've never liked it, but then again I've never switched it out either... but that's what I prefer. It's more comfortable for me."

So that's it for the reviews for this week, but check back tomorrow for more info on the Bianchi- and tell yr friends- spread the love...who wouldn't want to win a new Bianchi? While maybe slightly jealous, I'd still be happy for my buddy if they happened to be the winner and not me (and although a newsletter subscriber myself, i'm not eligible to win...). How about you? So sign up for our newsletter- how bad could it be? I heard this story once about how the sun shines on every dogs ass some day...lucky dog!