Thursday, July 23, 2009 time!

this week Cole gives us an update on the Yuba Mundo Utility Bike, Yuba's Go Getter Pannier, and Wald's 157 giant delivery basket. and i review Profile Design's E Pack, and updated my review of Arkel's Utility Basket Pannier!

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Profile Design's E Pack

Cole has one of these and he let me use it on our mini-tour, and it would've been a pain in the ass without it- and actually, ever since we got back, it has been a little bit of a pain in the ass without one! Read more...

Yuba Mundo

I've had a lot more time with the Mundo now and have had a few other people take it out for spin, and feel I gave it a good test and here is what I have found out.

First, its amazing how many things you'll use this bike for. I'm sure when you're thinking of buying one you will ask yourself "how much will I really use it?". Well I'm here to say a lot! Read More...

Yuba Go Getter Pannier

Along with the Mundo I received a go-getter pannier. This pannier is designed for the Mundo, but the site says it could be used with other long tails. The pannier is easy enough to attach- you just clip four straps around the tube of the rack and you're ready to go. Read more...

Wald 157 giant delivery basket

I talked to Wald about sending a basket our way- they said sure and asked what we were thinking- my exact words were “the bigger the better”.

I was thinking I could use it to take orders to the post office and what not. The idea was to put it on my fixed gear- a run around the city bike. This basket showed up and when they say giant they’re not kidding. I could carry an eighth grader in this thing.

Arkel OD Utility Basket Pannier UPDATE!

I was talking with Arkel before our mini-tour, and they were going to send a nice set of rear waterproof panniers- only problem, someone was using them at the time, and they didn't show up in time either, so I went with what I had, and that was Arkel's OD Utility Basket Pannier. Read More...

Talk to y'all soon- Ride safe! ...And enter the contest!