Thursday, July 02, 2009


So yeah- we're back from tour- check out our stories from yesterday if you haven't seen those yet. We got some rad stuff to take with us & test out, and we'll be reviewing that stuff over the next few weeks. This week Cole reviews a Delorme PN-40 GPS and a Therm-A-Rest Trail Pro Mattress. I'm reviewing Kelty's Forecast sleeping bag, and Shauna has an update on the Finesse from Breezer!

Kelty Forecast Sleeping Bag

Kelty sent me their Forecast sleeping bag to test out on our tour. I decided to leave it closed up in it's compression sack until it was time to sleep the first night, which ended up being difficult since we had to postpone our date twice. But we finally did it, and on the first night after I set up my tent, I popped the clips and pulled out the Forecast.

My first impression as I unrolled it into it's mummy shape was nothing but jaw dropping and drool. The blue/grey color scheme looked really good as it fluffed up really nice- I couldn't believe that this sleeping bag was in that little compression sack. The last sleeping bag I bought was probably almost 20 years ago in Boy Scouts, and there's no way in hell that that bag would've compressed into anything smaller than the size of 3 healthy babies! I was honestly amazed. Camping gear has really come a long way! Read More...

Breezer Finesse

The Breezer Finesse is a very well designed bicycle and a complete pleasure to ride. It features so very many thoughtful and high-quality elements that it’s hard to know where to start my praise.

The Finesse is among the most comfortable bikes I have ever ridden. The carbon fiber seat post and fork absorb the shock of poor roads and potholes, while the Velo Plush seat provides a comfortable cushion on multi-mile rides. Even the grips are ergonomically advanced, with a soft triangular pad to rest the base of my hands on. Read More...

Delorme PN-40 GPS

Last years tour I set out with 25 pages of a map that made google maps, then transferred to something else which let me print but it would print like 2 miles on a page, so I ended up with a bunch of maps that weighed a ton. I decided a gps would be the way to go.

I used a Garmin gps when I was support on a bike tour last year, and it confused the hell out of me. To be honest it got me lost, so I thought having my own gps I would learn how to use it more and it would be cool. Read More...

Therm-A-Rest Trail Pad Mattress
Last year when I attempted my first tour, the idea of a sleeping pad came to mind. But with my budget way over what I thought it would be, I decided its something I could do with out. I have some hobo friends who say cardboard works great- you can find it anywhere and you don’t have to take it with you.

As I lay shivering in my sleeping bag on top of wet cardboard I realized I was learning a lesson the very hard way. So when I set out on tour this time, I made sure to have a sleeping pad. Therm-A-Rest was kind enough to send the Trail Pro to me to test out. Read More...

see ya soon- Brandon!