Monday, December 28, 2009

While bikes seem good, in theory they're kinda tricky.

Sure- the bike lanes keep you out of traffic, but it also puts you square in the dooring lane. Not to mention the dive bombing cabs, delivery trucks, plus the *holier than thou* Mercedes driver parking in it "really quick" to get his dry cleaning.

My approach to bike lanes is to ride almost on the left white line.

Sure, I'm closer to traffic, but I feel drivers have to see you while the person opening their door doesn't ever see you coming.

I'm constantly scanning the parked cars. I'm looking for a head in the car- movement of any kind. If there is a person in there, there's a pretty good chance they are going to get out. I'm also looking for brake & reverse lights as an indicator. People are getting ready to pull out of their parking spot.

These are just a few tricks I've found.

I'm interested in seeing if anyone has any other ways of dealing with bike lanes and the streets in general.